Move Over Miss Sloane We Got Bigger Fish To Fry [Movie Review]

Ah yes… Miss Sloane. Here is a film that I didn’t want to see, given that I’m a proud and responsible gun owner. Nonetheless, I’m receptive to both sides of the debate and I was really interested in exploring the rationale behind the Washington lobby. Let it be known from the outset that Miss Sloane is peppered with smart-talking, double-dealing, Washington gobbledygook. Whether you support Trump or not, you will have a newfound appreciation for his phrase, ‘draining the swamp’ after you’ve immersed yourself in 132 minutes of this claptrap. Okay, perhaps that’s a little harsh, given that there are gripping moments of drama in this Democratic-inspired ensemble.

Move Over Hillary Clinton – Miss Sloane Is Ready To Take On The Gun Lobby

So what is Miss Sloane all about? It’s all about jockeying for position with members of Congress, high-powered Senators and of course the gullible electorate. Lobbyists are an interesting group of folks, in it for their companies and for personal gain. Miss Sloane takes the high road. She really believes that universal background checks are absolutely vital when it comes to responsible gun ownership. I agree with her, but her tactics are as deplorable as the people she’s working for. John Madden drew from his strength as a director to ably cast Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane.

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She is like Hillary Clinton on roids. She’s fierce, competitive and surprisingly attractive. There is a definite level of detachment about her, not too dissimilar to the rampant surge in ‘Asperger-syndrome’ being diagnosed across American society today. Nonetheless, she does a fine job at keeping viewers in suspense with her incisive speech and impressive diction. She’s ably assisted by Gugu Mbatha-Raw (of South African descent) as Esme Manucharian – a victim of gun violence. John Lithgow is the perfect foil to Sloane. He portrays Congressman Ron Sperling who is hell-bent on interrogating, demeaning and discrediting Sloane as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill.

Is there Any Sting In This Tale?

Without revealing too much about the complex relationships between the characters, it’s important to introduce several other characters in Mark Strong and Sam Waterston. These men find themselves on opposing sides, and they certainly add to the two-dimensional background of characters. While watching this movie I couldn’t help but wonder how much of an influence lobbyists have on what everyday folks enjoy.

Whether it’s playing online casino games at a reputable online casino or simply shooting the proverbial breeze with your AR 556 cannon. It seems that these folks have way too much power and influence over the fun-filled exploits of US citizens, permanent residents, and illegals. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from Miss Sloane. Don’t hedge your bets on lobbyists, and don’t gamble on your right to party. These men and women are burning the candle at both ends to push a certain agenda. Regardless of which side they’re sitting on, it’s always the big corporate money that is driving the agenda. Kind of makes you think doesn’t it?

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