The US Online Gambling Industry Prepares For The Trump Effect

The number of people who switched from land-based casinos to the online industry is constantly growing. This trend is regarded as almost irreversible worldwide, and everyone is waiting to see when America will follow suit. Small steps have been made in the US worth the legalizing of online gambling. However, only a couple of states have passed the necessary laws, and there’s a lot of work still underway with gaming compacts. 2017 could be a good year for the industry who might get help from an unlikely ally.

No Word From Trump On Online Gambling

The commander-in-chief has been surprisingly quiet about this sensitive issue since his election. It goes without saying that he has bigger fish to fry right now and other policies to discuss. Even so, those who play casino games are paying a lot of attention to what his administration has to say. The president is every bit as vocal today as he was during the campaign, but now his words carry more weight. He also happens to be one of the few supporters of online gambling in the Republican Party.

The opposition made by casino moguls such as Sheldon Adelson has greatly hurt the online industry. All the obstacles erected over the course of time have caused large gambling operators to close shop and move beyond borders. Only a handful of them still caters for US players and many walk on the thin line separating legality from crime. There is still tremendous interest for this huge market and many gambling operators that offer eSports betting such as these are anxiously waiting for a signal. Many see beyond casino games and think about introducing sports betting in general and eSports wagering in particular.

A Potential Catalyst For The Industry

eSports are already a big thing in the United States, and they enjoy preferential treatment from regulators. Betting on these competitions is still illegal, but many of those who watch the games are tempted to place bets. Trump has tight connections with the online gambling and the casino industry in general and clear views on this matter. His pro-business approach is also likely to act as a catalyst for the gaming industry. As long as it brings more money to cash-strapped states, he might be willing to support it.

It’s clearly too early to speculate on what the president will do in regard to online gambling. He has plenty of things on his plate, so changes could occur gradually. Given his unpredictable nature and tendency to bring up subjects few expect, the Trump effect is definitely a conversation topic.

 US Gambling Industry Trump Effect