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A brief history of online gambling. The history of online casinos dates to 1994 when Microgaming developed the first platform for gambling. Two years later, the first online bookmaker appeared.

In 1998, there was a surge in interest in online gambling, caused by the widespread introduction of the concept of a progressive jackpot, when part of the casino profit came back to the players in the form of large accumulated jackpots. In 2001, the majority of modern online casinos and online betting websites appeared and finally entrenched in the online gambling market.

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Approaches To The Regulation Of Online Gambling

There are currently four approaches to the regulation of online gambling. A number of countries do not prohibit online casinos, but they are not regulated in any way. In other countries, such as Malta, Costa Rica, Panama, Antigua, and Barbuda, all gambling activities are licensed and regulated. Some countries have limited gambling licenses. These include Germany and France. But most of the countries in the world completely prohibit any online gambling activities.

Recent Changes In Online Gambling Regulation

Recent years have been marked by changes in the field of online gambling regulation that have occurred in a number of countries. So, in 2016, the issuance of licenses to online operators in Portugal began, where a year earlier the corresponding amendments to the legislation were introduced.

The replacement of temporary online licenses with permanent ones is planned in Greece, where in May of 2016 the online gambling tax was increased.

Since January 2017 in the Czech Republic, online operators wishing to work with residents of the country are also required to obtain licenses. Other sites that accept bets from citizens of the country on the Internet without a license are considered illegal and are blacklisted for further blocking.

Starting April 1, 2017, in Poland, online poker, bingo, and casino games were added to the currently allowed online lotteries and sports betting. At the same time, the only company that allowed to accept bets in online casinos is the Totalizator Sportowy national lottery operator.

New Online Gambling Technologies

In 2018 and 2019 there is plenty of new tech for online gambling entertainment in the net. For example, bitcoin casinos in which the game is played not for money, but for the bitcoin cryptocurrency, created in 2008 by the Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin casino players are not required to provide information about their identities. There is no need to provide your name, surname, bank account information and undergo verification at the same time. They are required only an email address and your crypto-wallet address code.

There is also a significant increase in the number of mobile casinos. Mobile casinos are online casino sites or applications that were created specifically for mobile devices.

In recent years, confirming the trend towards the transition from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, the proportion of players betting on mobile devices has been steadily increasing.

Online Casinos On Telegram

The Telegram messenger was introduced in August 2013. Its main advantage is anonymity, high file transfer speed and lack of advertising.

All this has led to the fact that the number of users of this messenger is growing year by year.

Recently, in many countries of the world, online casinos are blocked. For players who do not want to go through the authentication procedure and spend time installing a separate application, a Telegram casino has been created. It offers users standard casino games, including slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and various dice games.

The game can be organized both in chat mode and in visualization mode using a graphical interface.

Casino In VR

Virtual reality is the technology by which a virtual fictional world is created which fully immerses the player. VR casino or casino using virtual reality technology allows the user to feel completely involved in the game using special virtual reality glasses or a VR headset.

In this case, the player can use the headset or play on a mobile device with Google Cardboard VR or a similar device. Virtual casinos are available both to users of personal computers and to those who place bets using smartphones.

Holographic Visualizations In Online Gambling

A hologram is a product of holography, a three-dimensional image created using a laser that reproduces the image of a three-dimensional object.

Previously, they were used in various fields of activity, including medicine, advertising, show business, and mobile technology.

Now this type of tech also available in online gambling. With the help of Holo-tech, you can create unique installations of the staff and the gambling establishment itself, which can attract additional users and ensure the monetization of the proposed product.

Gambling Technology Trends

Currently, the main trends in the development of online gambling technologies are the increase in the number of mobile casinos, bitcoin casinos and casino messengers, as well as the introduction of other innovative online gambling technologies (for example AR games – Augmented Reality games allow player to “play in real-world environment” with some “graphical” additions).

This is due to an increase in the share of users of mobile devices, their desire to maintain confidentiality and be able to quickly access online games, as well as interest in new products in this area.

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