Is New Zealand The Next Big Market For Online Casinos?

The regulations for online gambling in New Zealand may not be obvious to the casual observer. The Gambling Act of 2003 section prohibits remote interactive gambling, meaning it is illegal to use online casinos with real money that are based in New Zealand.

However, the same does not apply to foreign-based online casinos. The act only applies to gambling done at online casinos located in New Zealand, and the more this information is spread, the more people are going to feel assured about gambling at foreign online casinos.

The current number of people enjoying online gambling in New Zealand should not come as a surprise. $2 billion New Zealand Dollars was spent on various forms of online gambling by people in New Zealand in 2013 alone.

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Since then, the number of online casinos available in the country has grown significantly, and, in a study, conducted by New Zealand’s Gambling Commission, nearly 80% of all New Zealanders gamble in some way.

With statistics like that, it is no surprise to see online casinos beginning to target New Zealand. While it is not possible to host an online casino in New Zealand, the same regulations do not apply to offshore online casinos.

Casumo Casino is a good example, and although they are based outside New Zealand, with a strong presence in Europe and the United Kingdom, they have taken steps to welcome New Zealand-based players.

Not only is there a welcome message directed at New Zealand players on the website, but it is also possible to make deposits in New Zealand Dollars. Small additions like this, make New Zealand players feel welcome and safe when using offshore casinos, and that is only going to lead to an increase in the number of people gambling online.

4G mobile network coverage is now available in the majority of the small towns in New Zealand. That means people can access online casinos using a mobile device without having to worry about the quality of the connection.

Mobile phones have become the entertainment device of choice for many adults, not just in New Zealand but across the world. With 4G widely available in New Zealand, online casinos know they can reach hundreds of thousands of people in the country, and with no online casinos based in New Zealand allowed to offer their services, it is a big market just waiting to explode.

Several UK-based online casinos are beginning to target the New Zealand market. Not only do they offer players the opportunity to deposit funds in New Zealand Dollars, but bonuses are being tailored to meet New Zealand-based players. That means the bonus is listed in New Zealand Dollars and is different from the bonus found in the UK.

Much like the United States, there is enormous potential in the New Zealand online casino market for brands based outside the country. There are over 2.5 million people in New Zealand over the age of 20, and they want to be entertained, making it a great target country for online casinos.

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