Now You Can Play A Solo On… The Millennium Falcon!

What do you think about when you think about an instrument? You probably think about a guitar, a piano or even a set of drums. If you’re a geek, you probably think about a measuring instrument or maybe even a top of the line computer. If you do, you’re quite normal and shouldn’t worry a thing about not being average. However, there are other people out there that do everything they can not to be average. For some people, being average is a failure, thus they do whatever they can to stay ahead of the pack with their inventions and thinking.

Travis Stevens is one of those people who really wants to show off his uniqueness, and he does so in the coolest and geekiest way possible. With a Millennium Falcon toy, he has been able to create a fully functional electric guitar. The guitar, which is sporting some neat features, took about a month to create and is sure to turn heads when played on.

To support the tension of the strings, he had to fill out the whole Millennium Falcon with wood. With a bit of modification, the coolest guitar ever was born. I am sure just rocking this guitar at a concert is going to bring up the coolness level by a couple of levels. Awesomeness defined!