Pac-Man: The World’s Biggest Pac-Man Game

Everyone knows about this game, and pretty much every honorable geek has once tried to beat the world’s highest Pac-Man score, whatever it is. But we’ve always been limited to the mazes that were available on the screen until we eventually managed to get to the next level. The first “screens” (levels) were quite easy, and you knew the maze like the back of your hand. I would be surprised if after the thousands of times you’ve played that first screen you couldn’t play that thing in your sleep and purely by memory.

Sure, I might sound like an uber geek, but the fact is that I had one of those Pac-Man shaped handheld consoles when I was a kid. I used to kick the hell out of it, and in the end, it sure didn’t look as crisp as the one in the article header image here. I kind of wished that I hadn’t gotten rid of it since I am sure it would have become one of those collectors items today. But that’s the way it goes sometimes, and there is no need to be all growly about it.

There is another rising amongst Pac-Man players, and let me tell you, it’s everything but easy. If you ever thought that running through those side, top, or bottom alleys was only to quickly get from one side of the screen to the other, then you should reevaluate that thought. Why? Because now you have the chance to play the game with the unlimited fun of constantly change your “screen” by running through the alleys. Once you go through, a whole new screen will appear, and you can just continue playing.

The coolest thing about it is that it’s all online. You can even create your own screen for everyone to play, and make it all an overall mashup. You can literally play this game for as long as you want without having to switch levels. That is, if you manage to stay alive. Them ghosts aren’t exactly easy to toss around, and you’ll quickly find yourself in quite a few dilemmas soon enough, so you better toughen up. Let the madness begin, the world is about to go Pac-Man on your butt. Eeek! Wanna play? Give it a try over at World’s Biggest Pac-Man Game.

The Worlds Biggest Pac-Man Game