7 Reasons Why People Play Video Games

People love playing games. Why so? Let’s try to collect simple facts, which are very hard to contradict, to prove this statement. So, shall we start reflecting?

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1. People Hate Waiting And Wasting Time

Modern people rate their time highly; however, sometimes they waste it on absolutely foolish things. In the situation, when we’re waiting for someone to come or something to happen, we often regret about time wasted. But when we finally have some spare time, we often have nothing helpful to do and regret it as well. Fortunately, there’re games, which timely help us to pass the time. To give you an indirect proof: there were more than 6000 games released on Steam Store in 2017 alone.

Time passes and it turns out, that we’ve spent too much time playing… just imagine, how many useful things could one have done! We could have found a job, planted an orchard, built a construction, started a family and even had a baby…

But let’s be fair: do you really think, that the hours spent playing should be considered wasted indeed?

Rare players will give a fair yes answer. Players tend to conceive their true motives, which immerse them in the gambling world.

2. Gambling Passion

Each game, no matter what genre or type it represents has an element of “Casino”. So why don’t you just try to tempt your fortune? Most people are passionate about taking risks. Even the least competitive persons for once in their lives have definitely tried roulette in a “brick-and-mortar” casino or in a downloadable app for computer or mobile device (for play money). For example, let’s take employment: whether a contender is going to run into the life-changing job, is a matter of luck and chance to some point, isn’t it?

A clear advantage of gambling is the fact, that you can satisfy your gambling curiosity absolutely for free. A well-thought storyline can be very absorptive, while going through a level will result in the same endorphin rush, as a huge win, for instance.

3. Positive Emotions

Any game is bound to evoke positive emotions. First and foremost, they satisfy the gambling passion. A victory builds confidence, whereas a great storyline upgrades the degree of social adjustment.

If you’re getting positive emotions from the game, it means, that your gaming community is really interesting and capable of many good things. Otherwise, you need to go over the part about wasted time once again and take your idle moments more seriously.

Please note, that those people, who experience the emotions mentioned above in their real lives, tend to avoid playing games or do that very rarely.

4. Fantasy

Each child is daydreaming on a regular basis. Unlike movies or books, games set their own frameworks and invite you to participate. Games content our fantasies: we’re able to make history, live in magic worlds, build up a multi-million bankroll, go on an adventurous and mysterious journey and etc.

So, games let us participate in any story we like. And for the story to become desired, it simply should amaze us.

5. Amazement

Amazement and fascination – these are the most pleasant emotions for every human. The right script can amaze us with visual effects, dynamics, and gameplay. It’s holding fascination and absorbing. That’s why we love playing games.

All human beings are the same: they all love making discoveries, moving forward, solving mysteries and conquering new peaks.

6. Goal Achievement

In the real life, everyone wants to become successful, wants to achieve a certain goal… But do we always get what we want? Even when your desired goal is just a step away, all your hopes and plans can come off at the last moment. Or otherwise, the outcome is mere a shade of what you’ve wanted.

When you immerse in the game, everything gets simple. Games are constructed the way they can attract gamblers and let them achieve goals, move forward and discover new horizons.

7. Reward

Everyone wants to be rewarded for something good he’s done. So, it’s not about free lunch, but about the reward for your strivings. In actual life, it’s somewhat complicated. Everyone has ever been to a situation like this: your employer promised you days-off, but again the most-wanted holidays were put off due to intensive work. Or another one: you’re hoping for a promotion, but your boss thinks, your work and contribution is overrated.

Games are very generous about rewards. We all know that the reward is soon to come, many times. Of course, misunderstandings happen. But generally, games’ developers try to content their users. So, if you recall all the above-mentioned points, you’ll probably understand, why people love playing games so much.

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