How To Pick The Perfect Video Game [Flowchart]

The gaming industry is growing by the day and with an estimated revenue reaching over $100 billion this year, it’s easy to see why companies are spending what could seem like a ridiculous amount of money to develop games for people like you and me. You might think the gaming industry only consists of AAA developers but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Indie developers are coming on strong and in the last few years indie video games have come to dominate the gaming scene when it comes to popularity.

As a gamer, it can be hard to find a video game that fits all your preferences considering that there are a lot of them. I am not even going to try to act like I know them all, but what I do know is that when you have found a genre, a game franchise or perhaps a playing style, you want to find other games that fit those preferences as well. It can be both frustrating and annoying when the gaming industry is pumping out an insane amount of games each year. Heck, even CNN has their own online gaming site. So how do you do it? How do you choose what games to play? For example, using Betulator could be just the right thing for you and then you don’t need to find another game.

Well, either you sift through all the video game news outlets online and funnel them all down to the core preferences you are looking for, or you can just have a gander at this flowchart called “How To Pick The Perfect Video Game” (created by Silveroak Casino). It’s about the most comprehensive flowchart in existence and will take you right to the perfect video game for you.

Games, as you know if you are a gamer, vary when it comes to addiction level. Some people get ridiculously addicted to Counter Strike or Minecraft while others hone their skills on casino and card game websites. Again, it’s really up to your preference. What’s interesting is that while the online gaming industry is just about to crack the $100 billion mark this year, global casino gaming revenue hit $182 billion last year. You might think online casino sites are a minority when it comes to online gaming but that is a misconception that most people make.

If we take NetBet for example (click here to go to NetBet), an online casino website, it is home to over 2 million players. It is so large that it could even compete with the most popular online mmorpgs. As you can see, whatever genre of games you are interested in, there is always a video game that is perfect for you.

So, regardless whether you want to kick some butt in a first person shooter or if you want to put your poker face against others, this incredibly massive flowchart will definitely give you a few choices to choose from. All you really have to do is to answer the questions and follow the flowchart to the your destination. Finding the perfect game for you is from now on easy…and, of course, FUN!

Video Game Flowchart – Find The Perfect Fit

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Perfect Video Game Choice Flowchart

Perfect Video Game Choice