Progressive Online Slots vs. Regular Online Slots – Which Are Better

Over the last few years, playing online slots in casinos has become more appealing. These games are exciting, and there are new slots developed each year by various software providers. These games are also popular in traditional casinos, with a variety of games for all players to enjoy.

Notably, players encounter two types of online slots in any casino. These are regular slots and progressive slots. New players may be challenged in choosing the differences or which game to play. However, these games are different.

This article will examine the differences and similarities between the games allowing players to choose a game effectively.

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Regular Slots

They make up most of the casinos’ online slots and have several advanced features. The games are entertaining, and players can walk away with generous wins. However, the maximum amount a player can win is determined by the size of their wager. This amount is often smaller than progressive slots as they have a fixed jackpot.

For this reason, the jackpot amount in regular slots does not change regardless of the times players have won.

Regular slots are also divided into two categories. These are classic slots and video slots, each with varying designs and features.

Classic Jackpots

These are online slots with three reels and basic symbols. The games rarely include any bonus games but only offer simple gameplay and a low payout. It has a fixed jackpot, often indicated by a multiplier applied to players’ total bet size. A player who prefers less risky games can enjoy betting in classic slots.

Video Slots

Another type of regular slot is the video option. These slot games have more advanced features than the classic ones. The games also come with special symbols and bonus games, increasing players’ chances of winning. Such in-common features include rewards, free spins, or multipliers. However, the payout can still not compare to progressive jackpot slots even when players trigger all the features.

Progressive Jackpot

Though regular slots make up most online casinos’ slots, progressive jackpots are more popular with players. Some progressive slots also include classic symbols. A player can unlock a progressive prize through a few paylines.

Additionally, progressive video slots have several bonus features and other special symbols that increase a player’s experience and payout. Notably, how prizes form in progressive slots differentiates them from standard slots. First, they do not have a fixed jackpot, and the payout is always changing due to other bettors’ wagering contributions.

As a result, a player can win the hefty jackpot in one spin. The prize pool in progressive jackpots comes with all bets made on the same slot from various online casinos. A portion of any bet that fails to trigger goes into this pool, increasing the bounty.

Like with most online casino games, progressive jackpot winners are random. The amount is reset to the set amount once it’s won and starts the count again. Moreover, there are several types of progressive jackpots.

In-House Progressive Slots

These online slots share the same prize pool within one virtual casino. The losing bets placed increase the payout at the online casino. The jackpot in these slot games tends to be bigger than in stand-alone ones.

Stand-Alone Progressive slots

These are slots that are not connected to a jackpot network. The prize pool is generated from bets made to that slot game at the respective casino. They have smaller prizes.

Wide-Area Progressive Slots

These slots connect to a wider jackpot, thereby accumulating a larger payout. These amounts can reach millions within a short time.

Should You Play Regular Or Progressive Slots?

Whether one wants to play standard or progressive slots is no wrong decision. The decision is largely based on various factors and players’ expectations.

First, selecting the online slot can be based on the type of player. One can be a recreational player or seek a high payout. One can choose to play the regular slot if one wants to enjoy a game betting for low amounts. However, if a player wants to play to win big, the better option is progressive jackpots.

Secondly, the bankroll or a player’s budget can help with the decision. Often, progressive slots require a high bankroll and a player who is willing to risk their money to land a win. However, players without a high bankroll and who cannot afford the risk can settle for regular slots.

Finally, a player should always be knowledgeable in assessing the winning chances on the progressive slot. Though these online slots have a good appeal because of the payout, the odds of winning may be very low. Players can check the variance and RTP of the slot games.


Ultimately, players decide whether to play regular or progressive slots. It is advisable for one to select a game that meets their needs and requirements. If a player wants to have fun, they can select regular slots. However, they can choose progressive slots if they are seeking a thrill.

Disclaimer: Never play for more than you can afford to lose. Gambling can lead to a serious addiction. Gamble responsibly.

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