The Quickest Ways To Learn Poker In 2021

Poker, like the online gambling industry in general, is going through a resurgence. With many online poker rooms offering games on all modern apps, it’s no surprise millions are keen to learn how to play. However, who has time to read strategy books or play freerolls for weeks to learn? In this article, we’re going to show three quick and simple ways to learn poker in 2021. By the end of this article, you will be well equipped to play against your friends or low-stakes games online.

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Poker Cheat Sheets

It doesn’t matter what your interest is, there’s cheat sheets for it. Poker is no different and there are many reputable poker sites offering them. A poker cheat sheet usually breaks down how the game is played, the fundamentals, tips on what hands to play and basic odds. They’re easy to follow and best of all, most poker training sites off them for free.

UK poker training site Texas Hold’em Questions gives visitors the options to download and print their poker cheat sheet. This is a neat feature as it means you can pin it up near your desktop or laptop.

YouTube Videos

If reading isn’t your bag, perhaps watching is up your street? YouTube’s impact on the internet has been colossal.  Everything is there for us to watch, including poker strategy. There are thousands of poker related videos on YouTube to watch. As you expect, the quality ranges from terrible to professional, but find the fresh channels and you can learn poker quickly.

The channels with high subscribers and frequent uploads are an indication of their popularity. I recommend sticking to these channels and perhaps subscribe to a few of them. Channels that haven’t been updated in long are more likely to be offering outdated poker advice. The online poker scene has changed quite a bit since it’s boom in the early 2000’s so you want to be listening to the right people in 2021.

Poker Forums

Another free and easy way to learn poker, forums offer beginners amazing insights for free. There is half a dozen or so poker forums that are well established online. These forums are a fantastic community of aspiring poker players to professionals. The vast majority are great contributors and offer tips generously.

The best poker forums like twoplustwo even have sub-forums dedicated to beginners. This is a gold mine for new players as it means you can ask anything you want and get answers quickly. Just remember to be a productive member and offer support when you’ve gained experience too.


There you have it, the three quickest ways to learn poker. Provided you have an internet connection and some free time, you have access to poker material for free. A cheat sheet, YouTube and forums are equally valuable resources for learning. It just depends on your personality. If you enjoy studious methods, go with a cheat sheet. Prefer visual and audio? Search YouTube. Finally, if you like interaction and asking questions, join a forum.

Once you’ve learned how to play poker, remember to gamble responsibly. Poker should be fun and entertainment, not stressful or cause problems. The tips in this article are purely for entertainment, to be used at low-stakes games or when playing with friends recreationally.

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