Rakeback Explained And The Mistakes You Should Avoid

Knowing that rake is the fee poker rooms charge each player, rakeback has become a popular goal for many poker players. Recent trends have put rakeback in the spotlight, at the same time blurring players’ vision of a higher win.

In turn, this has resulted in a complete game-changer, as players tend to focus on the wrong things. However, people learn best from their own mistakes, once they can identify them. So, in an attempt to help poker players, this list points out the major mistakes they make when they take their eyes off the prize.

Choosing The Wrong Poker Rooms

[pullquote]Many poker players nowadays select their poker rooms based on the rakeback they offer.[/pullquote] Although it must be tempting to get a 40% or higher rakeback, this is mainly present in less reputable poker rooms. Payment procedure and safety should be your main concerns, overriding this offer during room selection.

An advice to poker players would be to go with recognized poker rooms like Americas Cardroom (see ACR on Rakebacknation.com for more details) rather than risk your main game winnings in small rooms with little traffic.

Make Sure You Can Cash Out

Suspicious rooms which offer high rakebacks tend to delay their payments. This could cause trouble both for your rakeback and your winnings withdrawals. So, regardless whether you’re playing for the rakeback or for the major win, you should always check their cash out methods before trusting them with your deposit.

Multi-table Action Can Tire You Out

Once you’re on the go fishing for rakeback, it’s hard to stop. Hence, many players end up piling up multiple tables just in order to get more hands. The simple math suggests that greater profit comes from a greater number of tables.

However, once you take into account how tired you got and how much deposit money you’ve lost, it all starts to add up. If you’re so keen on playing in rooms which offer rakeback, you can probably go through a couple of tables without turning all the fun into a day job.

Micro Stake Games “Discrimination”

A common misconception among players is that micro stake games won’t get you anywhere if you’re playing for rakeback. Reliable sites which offer such payback percentages are sure to pay up what they owe to their players, as little or as much as you’ve earned at their tables.

Discriminating micro stake games for the sake of rakeback could get you in trouble, especially if you try to play with the big sharks. This is important to remember before you get in trouble.

There Are Other Fish In The Sea

It’s amazing how players forget about everything else as soon as rakeback is the offer on the table. Next time you play, make sure to check out the other promotions offered. Most casino sites offer beginner bonuses, loyalty promotions, while some even invent such offers on a daily basis.

Just remember, there’s more where rakeback came from, and the next one might just turn out to be your lucky strike!

Rakeback Explained And The Mistakes To Avoid

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