The Rise And Increased Number Of Online Casino Sites

Around the world, gambling is a favorite pastime for many different people from many different walks of life. And now, with advancing technology, casino sites are becoming increasingly popular as the web makes casino games more and more accessible.

In recent years, the online casino has become a huge success story within the gambling industry as the web caters to every need possible. Thus, it’s no surprise the gambling sector got in the action, they’d be foolish not too!

One major advantage of the online casin, as opposed to land based gambling, is that it is has the advantage that it does require a trip to Vegas, Monte Carlo or the local high street for some casino fun.

You can log onto any casino site at any time and place, day or night, at home, on the street, at the shopping centre, at work on your break, round a friend’s house, you name it and roulette, blackjack, bingo, poker etc. are all just a click away.

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[pullquote]The advent of mobile gaming is further super heading the casino site charge and it is estimated that by next year, some 164 million people worldwide will be using their smartphone to access online gambling.[/pullquote] 2014 was the real game changer for online gambling and casino sites, for the first time, mobile platforms overtook desktops in their total internet usage in America and this is a trend that was reciprocated worldwide. Over half of the internet usage in America is through mobile devices, both smartphone and tablet.

With this, a host of new online casino sites have embraced the growth in mobile use further driving the popularity of online casinos. This year, it is thought that revenue from mobile gambling will exceed the $100billion mark with mobility and convenience driving factors. The rise of smart phone technology has made it easier than ever to log on to your favourite casino site as you no longer need to be sitting at a computer.

Online casinos were quick to climb on board with changes in the technology industry and have reaped the rewards. Bosses cashed in by developing and enhancing their software to make playing at a mobile casino as straightforward as playing on a computer and in addition to thus, they also offer a manner of free games and bonuses that are exclusive to mobile users, encouraging users to switch. Something else hugely responsible for the rapid increase in revenue derived from online casinos and the number of people using such sites.

As such, developers for leading casino sites now create games specifically optimised for mobile and tablets across all major mobile operating platforms including iOS and Android. Editions of such games are comparable, if not better, than many established desktop casino games. These games can be played directly in the browser or via their own specialised apps if the casino sites have them available. Mobile gambling is available virtually anywhere in countries that allow it and 4G technology means that an internet connecting is no longer a necessity if you wish to access a mobile casino.

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The Rise And Increased Number Of Online Casino Sites

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