Robot: Indian Movie Has World’s Most Insane Special Effects

You can date movie special effects all the way back to when movies had no sound.  We enjoy the fact that we can escape reality for just a couple of hours.  Some movies rely entirely on the special effects, while others use them sparsely in order for the storyline to be the focus for the viewer.  However, it seems that the budgets for movies have started to roll out of control.  What was a new world record when Terminator 2 was released is what most high-end movies have as budgets today.  The insane investments made by the movie companies usually pay off, but one might wonder where all the money goes.  I mean, the same effects can be done using off the shelf software by a teenager who wants to prove a point, so what’s all the fuzz about?

But if you thought that you had seen it all, I can tell you that you are dead wrong.  If you still remain positive that movies can’t contain too many special effects, then you should definitely see the Indian movie Robot.  It’s a mix between The Matrix and Terminator, but it doesn’t end there.  As a matter of fact, it’s just the beginning.

Robot probably has the highest number of insane special effects that I have ever seen (and probably you too).  The fact that every shot includes some form of special effects is just daunting.  I wonder if movie goers really enjoy these movies, if they are considered a comedy, or if they are dead serious about them like we were about Terminator and The Matrix?  Now have a look, and tell me what you think.  Is it the coolest movie you have ever seen?

Indian Robot Movie Poster

Robot Movie Guns Poster

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