Scrabble Hacks To Help You Win Every Game

Scrabble is one of the best board games, combining the best aspects of strategy and language. Yet, this seemingly easy game can make your head spin as you try to form words that score highest so as to win the game.

Fortunately, there are actions that you can adopt to assist you on the board. Just like any other game, Scrabble is a fun pastime, but winning, especially against your friends, gives you much pride. Therefore, these scrabble hacks will help you win every game.

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Place The High Scoring Letters On All The Bonus Spaces

Utilizing the spaces for double and triple letters and words can help you win in Scrabble. These spots enable you to get high-scoring words. But in case you don’t manage to come up with a strong word, using the spaces prevents your opponent from using them, therefore, limiting their score.

Use ‘Q’ At The Initial Stage Of The Game

Using ‘Q’ sooner gives you an edge over your opponent. Letter ‘Q’ is high value, yet relatively difficult to use because of the minimal words using the letter. When ‘Q’ appears on your letters deck, prioritize it when developing your words. Your opponent will hardly catch up when you place your ‘Q’ on an open power spot.

Use An Online Word Unscrambler

A word unscrambler is an online tool used to solve or unscramble words.  If you need help when playing Scrabble with your friends, you just need to enter the scrambled letters to derive valid words. In instances where the number of words is high, specifying a suffix or prefix can give you more accurate outcomes.

While some people might consider using a tool to automatically unscramble words as cheating, this tactic can actually allow players to expand their vocabulary in the process. If you use your online word unscrambler and then look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary, you can still learn something important even though you might have taken a shortcut. By reading each definition, you can discover not only the meaning of the word but also synonyms and antonyms (more Scrabble words!).

Know Your Suffixes And Prefixes

Knowledge of suffixes and prefixes will enable you to outshine your opponent. Some of the suffixes include -NESS, -ITY, -ING, and -ED, among others. Likewise, you can use prefixes such as MIS-, TRI-, PRE, and NON-. With these suffixes and prefixes, you can rack up more points from your opponents’ words. Besides, you can make Bingo words with the prefixes and the suffixes for bonuses.

Use Letter ‘S’ To Generate Two Words At Once

Adding the letter ‘S’ to an existing word pluralizes it and creates a new word. The tiles for ‘S’ are only four, and using it wisely can help you score big. Ensure that the move will earn you more than 10 points to enhance your score.

Use More Of Parallels

Parallels help to get rid of vowels that prove useless. Playing parallels in Scrabble also gives you more points. To maximize the score, consider spots such as near high-value letters or bonus squares that complement your letters.

Learn The Hook Words

When the Scrabble board lacks the perfect dock to fit a word, hook words are the ideal options. Hook in Scrabble refers to the letters you attach to the existing words on a board. Other than using the popular ‘S’ at the end of a word, you can add a front hook. For a word such as ratify, you can add ‘g’ to get the word ‘gratify’.

Memorize Scrabble’s High Scoring Words

Scrabble has several high scoring words. Befriend tiles such as Q, X, Z, and J. some of the common high-scoring words such as AJI, OXO, QAT, and JEU can earn you extremely high scores. Also, memorize some two-letter words that can guarantee you high scores such as ZA, QI, and JO. The words are short and can be great hacks for any Scrabble player.

Extend Words

In Scrabble, compound words can significantly boost your score. You can add a word after your opponent’s to get a compound word. For instance, you can add the word moon to the word light. Such words increase your winning chances.

Utilize The Blank Tiles For A BINGO

Bingo is a hack worth mastering if you want to win every game in Scrabble. Playing Bingo on the seven tiles in a single move earns you 50 points. Memorize several eight or seven-letter words to increase your chances of finding Bingos.

The prefixes or suffixes can also help in getting the magic word. Besides, working with the highly-prized words to create a bingo presents a breakthrough that will leave your opponents amazed. If you want to win in any Scrabble game, you must have an extensive vocabulary, a good strategy, and some tricks up your sleeves.

Whether a beginner or an expert, these great hacks can help you win any game. Therefore, expand your vocabulary and practice the game regularly to master the hacks, and soon you’ll be a Scrabble master.

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