SENSE – National Land-Based Casino Self-Exclusion System In The UK

The increasing number of people with a gambling addiction in the UK has significantly contributed to the recent changes in the law. It was made mandatory in September that all casino operators with UK Gambling Commission licence should register with GamStop before they offer services. The self-exclusion scheme is designed to help UK-based players to block themselves from accessing legalized real money gambling and betting platforms.

Initially, players with gambling problems used to request the casino operator to block them from participating in games. This article covers everything you may need to know about the national land-based casino self-exclusion system in the UK.

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What Is SENSE?

The Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion program was launched on 3rd August 2015 in London to assist people gambling problems to exclude themselves in a simple and transparent way from all national land-based casinos. This scheme is run by the National Casino Forum (NFC) on behalf of all brick and mortar casino operators in the UK. The role of NFC is to control the processing of data that is provided on SENSE.

Self-exclusion can be done at any UK land-based casino, and the process is simple and quick. Once you are enrolled on SENSE, all casinos listed will be notified, and the ban will stay for six before the privileges to gamble are reinstated. Note that some casinos will require you to appear in person before the ban is raised.

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More Powerful With Online Option – GamStop

GamStop is a multi-operator self-exclusion program that was created by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) and operated by a non-profit organization called the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited. This program was created in accordance with the responsible gambling policies that were outlined in the Gambling Act of 2014, where all casinos in the UK were to have a UKGC license to operate.

This tool is designed to enable UK punters to self-exclude themselves from all UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed platforms. Although the scheme started with some challenges where banned gamblers were able to sign-up at several casinos, the problem has been to ensure that all banned people have no access at all.

Despite this system is strong enough, William Terry says there are still the best online casino not in Gamstop database like Spin Up, Bronze Casino or other operators with UKGC and Curaçao eGaming licenses according to the NonStopCasino statistics.  When you register at Gamestop, you can choose to be blocked for six months, one year, or five years. While there are some casinos that are not included on GamStop, we caution our readers from accessing them.

How Does It Work?

GamStop is designed to work in a simple and straightforward way. It is against the law to sign up on behalf of someone or enroll in an individual on the scheme.

  1. After registration, you will receive an email confirming your application with all the information, including the selected period.
  2. It is essential to understand that it can take up to 24 hours for GamStop to review the information you provided before you are excluded from UK licensed gambling platforms.
  3. You will remain banned from gambling until you revisit GamStop and ask to be deleted from their database.

It is worth mentioning that registering at Gamestop does not exclude one from receiving promotional emails from operators.


Regardless, you play at an online casino or from a land-based venue in the UK; you will be required to register with a self-exclusion scheme. This is a measure taken by the UK Gambling Commission to help in curbing the problem of gambling addiction. It is also a way of ensuring that customer data is protected and to prevent all forms of fraud in the market. The exciting thing is that the scheme is simple and can be used by everyone to self-exclude from licensed gaming and gambling sites.

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