Shatta Michy Discloses To Her Mum That Her Break Up With Shatta Wale Is Permanent

Michelle Diamond, the ex-sweetheart of Shatta Wale, recently approached her mother and told her that she had broken up with the dancehall star permanently. This is the latest news in Ghana today and its really trending and spreading like wildfire.

Michy’s View On His Past Relationship

Michy recently made a comment in an Instagram post that she had shared with her beloved followers, stating experience has helped her to understand that giving up something precious for free is not always praiseworthy. This has become one of the breathtaking news in Ghana today.

She revealed that she advised her mum not to give anything valuable to someone who does not deserve it.

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“My mum just asked my opinion on her giving out something valuable, I didn’t even let her land & I responded “people r not people, let it rot than give it out, the person won’t even appreciate it” isn’t experiencing the best teacher,” she recently quoted.

It seems that Michy was telling her mother that she should take a lesson from her relationship with Shatta Wale which did not last. She also mentioned him as an ungracious person who has never appreciated her on other occasions.

The fans of both Shatta Wale and Michy are still in shock as the news of their break up has really shaken them up because they thought there was hope of the two getting back to each other as soon as possible. However, Michy through her Instagram post directly suggested that nothing like that will happen.

Michy’s Declaration

According to, Michy also came up with the allegations of Shatta abusing her both physically and mentally during the time they used to live together. Many of her fans used to say that she helped Shatta Wale when he was in deep financial crisis.

In the recent social media updates, Michy accepted that now she is much stronger than earlier as her breakup with Shatta Wale has really helped a lot and made her stronger.

Shatta Wale recently broke up his silence and hit back at Michy by stating Michy’s accusations of physically abusing her were false and also mentioned that she did it to be in the limelight.

Shatta Wale also made a mess of the situation by putting up a Facebook post saying that he was in bed with another girl. The famous musician since then has declined to comment on this matter and declared it as “it’s complicated”. It is still not clear about who will take the responsibility of their young son named Majesty.

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