Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield: Animation At Its Best!

Everyone who has been following my tweets or that has been reading my posts here on Bit Rebels knows that I love cats. We have 20 in our house, and we all love them dearly.  Each one of them has their own characteristics and antics that when you watch, melt all your stress and blues away. An artist was able to capture his love for our feline friends. Simon Tofield has captured the characteristics of his cat Simon via animation. The drawings are so simple, yet the animation is so fluid. I simply love the humor that he has injected into every video that he created. I can truly relate to his experiences. Try watching one, and it will definitely put a smile on your face, whether you are a cat lover or not.

If you would like Simon’s cat to be with you 24/7, there is an iPhone app that you can download as well. It is called Simon’s Cat Purfect Pitch. The application is a creative musical app and a game too! The creative mode allows you to compose your own tunes, save them, and then watch as Simon’s Cat sings them back! The game mode sees you talking on Simon’s Cat, and he tests your ability to follow his lead in a series of increasingly difficult musical challenges!

I have included a preview of one of Simon Tofield’s films. You can watch more on Simon’s Cat’s You Tube Channel.