Soul App Covers Socializing And Gaming With AI-Powered Werewolf Awakening

At 80%, Gen Z is the largest segment of Soul App’s user base of approximately 30 million monthly active users. So, it comes as no surprise that the features of the social platform have been designed to appeal to youngsters.

Because Zoomers have more options for social engagement than any other generation before them, they are understandably a nomadic lot that frequently hops between different content types and social media channels.

From gaming, to chats and from videos to memes and music, Gen Z’ers have all of these and more at their disposal.

But gaming has the ability to engage people at multiple levels, which explains why it has caught the fancy of Gen Z more than any other form of entertainment and engagement.

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In fact, the younger generation has displayed a distinctive shift, with more Zoomers choosing gaming as a means of social connectivity and engagement over conventional social media.

For instance, it’s said that more than 50% of Gen Alpha and 48% of Gen Z show a marked preference for gaming as a channel to stay connected with friends and family.

This shift is particularly pronounced in China as 60% of Gen Alpha and 62% of Gen Z reported using gaming as a pathway for connectivity and socialization.

Gaming combines teamwork with the drive to achieve a personal best and easy yet effective communication with wholesome fun and lots of strategizing with laughs. In a nutshell, it turns most aspects of engagement that are considered problematic on their heads and leads to positive outcomes with surprising ease.

Soul has certainly taken note of this trend that is in favor of gaming. So, while the social platform is known to offer a myriad of communication and digital socialization options for its users, gaming has made it to the list of its top social engagement options.

This is evident from the new features introduced into Soul App’s very popular game, “Werewolf Awakening.”  A game that hinges upon social deduction, Werewolf Awakening has thus far managed to garner traction both online and offline.

To ensure that zoomers get the best gaming experience, Soul App has injected AI capabilities into its Werewolf Awakening game. The newly introduced features are powered by Soul’s homegrown language model, SoulX.

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This allows the AI aspect of the game to make human-like decisions in various game stages. The AI augmentation of the game also supports multiple roles, offers a variety of voice options, and emphasizes safety and compliance.

With this new addition to an already popular game, Soul App has once again shown its commitment to staying on top of industry trends.

As far as the gaming sector is concerned, 2024 is being pegged as the year in which AI will take the lead and help to offer more dynamic gaming experiences than ever before.

Experts have predicted that the most notable among AI-powered gaming features will be non-player characters capable of advanced decision-making capabilities, which will ultimately provide a more personalized gaming experience.

Since Soul App has always shown a keen awareness of overall user trends and the desire to offer tailored engagement solutions and options not only to the overall demographic of its users but also to individual users, the integration of AI across various platform features was to be expected.

Soul App – New AI Features

In terms of its new AI features, “Werewolf Awakening” has much to keep Soul Apps users glued and coming back for more. For instance:

  1. Because Werewolves’ AI players can make human-like decisions when voting, interacting, and even using various gameplay items, they bring a whole new level of challenge to the game, making it more engrossing.
  2. The ability of these AI players to communicate in a coherent and logical manner means that they can help new players to understand the game and its rules and participate more confidently.
  3. Furthermore, these AI elements are designed to interact with human players naturally, which provides a realistic and engaging gaming experience.
  4. Also, AI players are programmed to avoid inappropriate or offensive behavior, and they have a remarkable ability to exhibit empathy and understanding, which helps human players develop a sense of connection and belonging.

In other words, it can be concluded that by integrating AI capabilities into its “Werewolf Awakening” game, Soul App has taken a significant step towards blending human-computer interaction and social innovation.

Leveraging AI’s capabilities in the gaming arena will allow Soul to offer a more immersive, engaging, and meaningful social experience to its users, which was the social platform’s goal from the get-go.

Soul App Covers Socializing Gaming AI-powered Werewolf Awakening


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