Spreading Your Music Online – Advice For Blossoming E-Musicians

Sharing your music on a busy sidewalk, or elsewhere in the “offline world,” should only be a part of your strategy as a “budding musician” and “compositional artist.”

Not only business but art as well has gone online. And in a big way. You can’t afford to ignore the vast opportunities that exist online to jumpstart your musical pursuits. Here are 6 key ways you can be a better “e-musician”.

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1. Focus On The Most Fruitful Networks

There is a literal army of online channels, platforms, and apps out there that can be used to share or promote your music. But no one can find the time to be present and continually engaged on all them simultaneously.

Select the best and leave the rest. SoundCloud, for example, is a must-use music, where you can stream your music to audiences potentially millions strong. And it is a great place to get “discovered” by “music scouts” who are always on the prowl for new talent. Just learn how to get more plays at SoundCloud to maximize your chances.

2. Build A Central Hub For Your Fans

Presence on social media sites and places where your music/videos can be played is great and essential. But you don’t want your online existence to be perpetually tied to some other site. Create your own website and gather email contact lists so that you have an independent fan base and they can always find you.

3. Do Your “Social Time.”

Interacting with your fans on Facebook, Twitter, and online chat platforms does more than just eat up time and keep you entertained. It builds rapport with you “fan community.” It gives you a chance to give sound advice to other aspiring artists and to show appreciation for those who have appreciated your music.

4. Use Online Radio

Find an online radio site (like Pandora) and get your music included in the mix if at all possible. Fans of the radio station may soon become your fans. It may seem odd that even radio is going online these days, and you may wonder why people don’t just use a “real radio” instead. But don’t argue with it. Just use it and benefit from it.

5. Create Albums But Focus On Downloads

Some fans will look for your album, either because you are one of their favorites or just because it’s faster and easier than picking out songs one by one. But many people these days love to pick and choose individual songs and create “albums” of their own. Make each song individually downloadable and offer a free first download in exchange for the email address of the orderer.

6. Advertise Your Tours

If you are a touring artist, make sure that information is posted online. You can post it on Facebook or a host of other sites, but consider using Bandsintown or a similar app, which will distribute your tour dates across a whole range of social sites and post it to your own website automatically.

After all, once people hear your music online, you want them to be able to come and see you in person. Make yourself easy to find.

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Spreading Your Music Online – Advice For Blossoming E-Musicians

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