The Sports Bettor’s Guide To Winning The Pot Of Gold On Live Games

Sports betting is far from a new phenomenon. This beloved activity entails placing bets on predictions based on the outcome of a particular sport. It has evolved from a fun hobby to a series of professional events in which bettors worldwide participate. You may even encounter such events based on the sport you bet.

With so many betting websites, you may find it hard to choose one that suits your requirements. If you are looking for reliable offshore sports betting apps to place your bets on, you are in the right place. Sports betting and gambling expert Rebecca Martin is here to help you secure the winning wagers. All you need to do is keep reading to know more.

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With the advent of the internet, bettors are seeing a rise in live sports betting sites. Sports bookies see that the sports wagering market is a lucrative one. The number of bettors is increasing exponentially yearly, bringing in more significant digits than ever. It means bettors must develop their strategies and bet with their brains to ensure a win.

Take a look at our extensive guide on how you can beat the competition and the odds. With Rebecca Martin’s expertise, Betzillion brings you the most recent trends that you can take advantage of to bag a win. Go on, make your play and bet big now!

What Is Live Betting In General?

Live betting is the act of wagering on the outcome of a sport after the game begins. It is also called “in-play betting”, as the bets occur during the game’s action. In this way of placing wagers, bettors can bet on the duration of a game instead of at the beginning. As a result, the odds are always altered according to the events during the game.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic stopped all physical games for two years, the restart of popular competitive sports bodes well for bettors. Live betting is gaining momentum among participants and is well on becoming the most popular form of sports betting. What also helps, of course, are the innumerable sports bookies allowing live betting online to punters.

Despite its relatively new status as a new development in the betting world, the chance to place bets during a game offers incredible opportunities to win big. Sports betting is not new – historians can trace the bare beginnings of betting on sports back to ancient times. The people of Greece used to place bets on the Olympic games.

The supremacy of the world wide web centuries later has changed this primitive activity for good. Now, those who want to bet on sports need to employ complex mathematical formulae and logical strategies to have a shot at winning.

Strategies In Live Betting

Those who regularly bet on live sports games will tell you two things. One is that there are no working formulas to win but to just bet from the heart. On the other hand, some recommend using a particular or custom strategy to win big. Rebecca Martin, betting aficionado, recommends going the second way.

Sports betting is different from gambling in a casino. That requires nothing but luck. You need some technical know-how of a particular sport to bet on it accurately. Take a look at the top four pointers bettors agree on including in their strategy to win –

1. Study The Game

Perhaps the most crucial part of live betting is to study the game. It may seem obvious, but this is one golden rule most new bettors tend to skip, leading to immense losses. While you have to place your bets while the game is going on, that does not mean you are going into it blind.

Before the game begins, make it a point to analyze the performance of the teams at play. Before hitting the top sports betting apps, take a moment to figure out how the season has been playing out. If it is the first game of the season, look at the performance reports of the team during practices and check out the previous season’s playoffs. Remember, information is power. It will help you choose the best bets during the game.

2. Gauge The Field During The Game

It is crucial to keep an eye on the field as the game plays out. Before or when you place your first bet on a live betting site, take a moment to check out the field. Seek out the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Don’t rush to bet for the sake of wagering.

3. Focus On The Players

The players’ mood is very important in dictating how the game turns out. Check out the players to see their energy level – are they exhausted or in high spirits? The team with the latter vibe will be more likely to win. Keep an eye on which player is more profitable based on past performances.

4. Choose The Right Time To Place The Bet

Patience is key to placing successful bets on a sport. You may be influenced by your friends or other bettors when indulging in live betting online to make your first move immediately. Avoid this rookie mistake. Take your time to analyze and consider every aspect of the game playing out in front of you. Live betting offers you multiple choices to place bets, so do not rush to just because you think it might be successful. Remember, it is better to lose a good opportunity than to bet on a poor choice and lose your money.

Top Of Live Betting Sites And Apps

One of the best strategies for betting live if you are a first-timer is to compare bookies. BetZillion partners up with the most trustworthy bookies for your convenience. For beginners, that bodes well. You can compare the odds among top-rated sportsbooks and choose the best. Go on, bet now! You can find the best live sports betting sites at this link.

Live Betting Strategy Example

Rebecca Martin offers five examples of live betting. You can use a combination or all of the above strategies to ensure a win. Read below for more –

  1. Chasing Steam – Chasing steam refers to following the popular fads bettors promote – bet on the options everyone is wagering on.
  2. Public Bet Fading – Going against the above, this example refers to betting against the odds and choosing the less popular options.
  3. Outliers – Compare sportsbooks to get the perfect odds to bet on outliers.
  4. Back Beloved Favorites – netting on the popular favorites offers bettors a higher chance of striking gold.
  5. Arbitrage Betting – Arbitrage betting is betting on both sides for a win.


Sports betting requires a lot of studying the odds. It goes beyond the speculative and the luck guesses one usually associates with placing bets. You must employ a solid strategy to ensure your wagers have any worth. Keep Rebecca Martin’s pointers in mind; you are good to go. Remember to opt for reliable bookies from the Betzillion page.

Author BioRebecca Martin – Sports betting is as much an art form one needs to strive for and devote time and patience to see some results. It is where Rebecca Martin, gambling enthusiast and sports betting expert, comes in with her expertise. The blogger offers some of the most explosive secrets of the betting industry for betting fanatics. If you are looking for ways to increase your victory streak or acquire some tips available only to the top honchos of the industry, you are in the right place. Rebecca Martin partners up with the top betting page in the gambling market, Betzillion, to provide her advice. You can look at her numerous blogs to find detailed cheat codes and ways to secure a win, even with the trickiest bets.

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