Sportsbetting 101 For Noobs

Whether it is by boredom’s decree or if it is for novelty’s sake, we have all enjoyed ourselves a little betting every now and then. The cool part is, you can bet on anything in the world. Though, to take it to the world’s stage and bet on sports, that is all the fun in the world. However, a betting noob will be faced with an influx of cryptic language that, to them, is unheard of. That said, here is everything you will need to know to pull off a McConaughey and go two for the money.

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Where To Make Bets

When looking to make a bet on a sport, say basketball, there are two major ways you can do that. The first way is by looking around for an actual bookie, preferably one that is nearby where you live. You will call them up, and then hopefully convene with them under some bridge in an unpopulated area, just like in the movies. Though, it is not at all necessary that this happens, seeing as how many states are moving towards legalizing sports betting.

The second way would be by using the services of an online bookie. They basically offer the same services as an actual, hands-on bookie, only they do that through a website. This makes the whole sports betting activity a lot more accessible, as you it becomes as easy as placing a bet from under your bed linens.

Types Of Sports

There is hardly a sport in the world that you can’t bet on. So for example, if you are a college basketball fan and hope to make a bet, you certainly can. The betting wizards at Boyds Bets have gathered the most recent statistics from experts to win the 2020 NCAA Tournament, which is right around the corner. This is decided based on the teams that have the best chance of cutting down the nets. All you need to do is get down to a bit of research and you’re bound to be able to bet on the sport of your choice.

What You Need To Know

When you are looking to get into sports betting, you must understand the lingo of betting before you do anything else. Here are the buzzwords you will want to know:


You may have heard people say this before. A ‘dime’ is a wager of $1,000 and some bookies have a minimum bet of a ‘dime’.


This is basically a bet that you place before the season even starts, hence ‘future’. Some sports betters go with this option as they could make a lot more money, should they win of course.


If you have made a wager and then realize at a later date the risks of this wager, then you are able to minimize the risk on this prior bet, by doing something known as ‘hedging’.  This is usually done by someone who has bet a large sum of money on a ‘parlay’.


A ‘parlay’ is perhaps the most popular term you will hear in this activity of sports betting. It is when you bet on more than one team and all the teams have to win for you to make any money.

Money Line

The easiest type of betting is known as ‘money line’ bet. All you that a bettor has to do is pick the team that they anticipate are going to win. If they win, you win. Though the odds will fluctuate, depending on who is favored to win, and of course, the underdog.


One of the most popular terms, an ‘over/under’ is a bet that predicts whether or not the total points of the two teams will go over or under a specified number. Depending on this set amount, and your bet, you will either win or lose.


Bringing to the betting person an odds of winning, a ‘teaser’ combines two wagers or more.  This means you get to combine your bet on two different games, which you are allowed to adjust depending on the information that you are given. However, the returns are considered to be quite low, especially when they are compared to other gambling bets.

If you are someone that is looking to delve into this activity of sports betting, it is best you start off by knowing why. The next step will have you looking for a trusted bookie, whether that is online or not. Finally, once you have done that, done your homework, and revised the different lingo, which you must know, consider yourself no longer a noob. Good luck.

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