Star Wars Re-enacted By My Little Ponies [Video]

It’s Saturday as I am writing this, and it’s as good a day as any to return to the weird and wonderful world of mashups. We always seem to trip over the most awkwardly wonderful mashups, and this time around I would dare to say that it’s right in line with the essence of what the word “weird” means. I mean, we are used to seeing stuff mashed up with completely odd things, like the recent Avengers and dinosaur mashup for example. It’s another one of those out of this world projects. We didn’t manage to feature it here on Bit Rebels, but I am sure you have seen it on one of the other sites by now. It’s pretty much everywhere.

So what could we possibly be “freakturing” this time? Well, if you are a Star Wars fan, I know you are always looking for things that might enhance your look at this particular universe. The creation of George Lucas is legendary, and with that, there has to be something to balance the awesomeness, whatever that means, right? In this particular case, it means that you just HAVE to mash it up with My Little Pony. It’s a given.

JJKMovies treats you to a superbly re-enacted version of Star Wars by My Little Pony, in an uber awesome animated short movie. It’s one of those hilarious creations I am sure you will just have to watch a couple of times in order to be able to take in all the awesomeness. Star Wars has a lot of faces, and this may very well be one of them. At least it ranks quite high on my list of badass mashups. Just the thought of mashing up Star Wars with My Little Pony is enough for me to be intrigued. I guess there is only one thing left to say before I leave you to checking this short “movie” out… May the horse be with you!


Via: [TDW Geeks]