Star Wars Uncut: 2-Hour Fan Made Remake Of A New Hope

Let’s be real for a moment. Star Wars and Star Trek have to be the two single movie and TV show franchises that have influenced the geek and nerd communities the most. They both continuously inject new inspiration and creativity into the minds of the future, and by the looks of things, they are not about to stop doing so either. I am sure that we will see many more movies from both of them, and they are most likely to create an even bigger fan base. Just have a look at the new cartoon Star Wars series that Lucasfilm is pouring out. Do I hear an army of new fans lightly marching towards the reigns of George Lucas? It is most likely that these new fans will remember Star Wars just like we did when we were younger.

As some of you fans out there know, there has been an ongoing project to create the Star Wars movies out of fan made short movies, or clips rather. By piecing together 15-second clips from fans around the world, the Uncut project hopes to create the whole series of movies (just out of these clips). They recently hit a huge landmark when they announced that the first episode, A New Hope, is finished and now up for review.

It is two hours and almost 4 minutes long and features 15-second clips, as said before, throughout the whole movie. It’s completely free, and you will be able to check it out now… right here on Bit Rebels as a matter of fact. I present to you the Star Wars Uncut movie that will most likely keep you glued to the screen for the next two hours. Just make sure you stock up on popcorn, soda and candy because this thing is going to be a wild ride for sure. Enjoy!

Star Wars Uncut Fan Movie

Via: [UFunk – French]