Steps To Transcribe Podcasts To Text

Transcribing podcasts to text can be beneficial to both the host and the listener. The transcript will offer the listener a different format of the information. It can sometimes replace listening, depending on the liking of the audience. The hosts can reach more people through search engine optimization by transcribing podcasts. In this article, we’ll look at the process of podcast transcription.

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How To Transcribe Podcasts

Podcasts are often informative and entertaining. However, not everyone may have the time to listen to long episodes. Having a transcript allows you to scroll through the podcast’s contents, making your material considerably easier to scan. That way, the audience will not have to listen through the entire podcast when looking for specific information. Here are five steps to follow when transcribing podcasts to text.

1. Organize Yourself

Preparation is always essential in any process. Unfortunately, many people often skip this step. A lack of preparation affects the efficiency of the transcriber. In this case, proper organization entails preliminary actions like doing a typing test to get your fingers working. It also involves choosing the right equipment for the job, which may include:

  • Headsets with noise cancellation
  • A computer
  • A foot pedal
  • An ergonomic keyboard

2. Listen To The Podcast

Listening to the podcast before typing will help the transcriber understand its context and flow. Understanding the context will allow you to determine the vocabulary and the correct spelling. Researching any technical terms beforehand will also make for a more straightforward job once you begin.

Listening will also help you differentiate the speakers. This early preparation allows the transcriber to detect the differences in tone, pitch, and volume in the speakers’ voices. Identifying the number of speakers in the podcast gives the transcriber a preview of the workload.

3. Choose The Format

Podcast transcription comprises two formats. Full verbatim is the format where the transcriber must write everything being spoken in the audio word-for-word. The transcriber includes all repetitions, stutters, and false starts in this format. Clean verbatim is the format where the transcriber edits the transcript to make it more readable. All verbal tics and insignificant utterances are omitted. In this format, it’s important to write in a formal language.

The format choice depends on the level of detail that the transcriber requires. After listening to the podcast, you can identify the stutters and repetitions that the speakers exhibit. To maintain consistency throughout the transcript, you must choose between the two formats based on your preference.

4. Type A Rough Draft

When ready, start typing. Depending on your typing speed, you may need to pause and play the podcast throughout the draft. You can use abbreviations to help you type fast, but you must replace them later. Make sure to get the speaker changes and tags right. The first draft’s accuracy level dictates the workload in the next step.

5. Edit For Errors

In most cases, transcribers are not accurate in their first draft. The next step would be to proofread and edit for any errors. This step is crucial because it protects the reliability of the transcript. Common errors include:

  • Mishears
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Wrong identification of speakers
  • Format errors

Polishing the final draft is essential. Having errors can affect the accuracy of the transcript. To maintain the authenticity and relevance of the podcast, you must present the information in its right context. Grammatical errors may affect the attitude of the readers toward the transcript.

Outsourcing Podcast Transcription Services

Now that you have learned about the transcribing process, you can go ahead and write prime-quality transcripts for your podcasts. If you don’t have enough time to work on these transcripts yourself, you can always consider outsourcing high-quality services from various providers who transcribe podcasts to text.

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