The Complete Timeline Of Doctor Who [Infographic]

I am almost ashamed to tell you guys that I have never seen an episode of Doctor Who. Yup, that’s right! Stop the presses, a geek who has never seen Doctor Who? Maybe I am not allowed to enter the cool geek kids’ parties anymore, but it’s the honest truth. I have many times thought about picking up some of the episodes as a compilation, but I never really had the time to venture into it. That said, I am quite intrigued by the show. I think, not to lose my entire face, I definitely need to make something out of that thought and actually pick up a few episodes. For the ones who know the series inside and out, I am sure this thing is going to be a treat.

CableTV set out on what I could only imagine to be an almost impossible task of filing every single event in the series history and making it into timeline worthy of some kind of an award. Well, maybe it’s not every single event, but there sure is a lot of information compiled as far as the episodes go, if that makes any sense. It’s a complete timeline spanning from 1963 until today, and it includes information about episodes, seasons, companions, villains, and more.

With the increasing interest for new Doctor Who episodes, I am sure this timeline will keep being updated for quite some time. I tell you, it’s with great interest that I keep digging into this infographic since it has an intense amount of information. I don’t know how much this thing will teach an already bitten Doctor Who fan, but for me, it has definitely peaked my interest. I am sure there have been plenty of these timelines by now considering the show has been pretty much going on since back in the ’60s, but could this possibly be the most complete one to date? You be the judge, after all, you probably know better than I do.

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Doctor Who Complete Timeline Infographic

Via: [Cool Infographics]