Are Subscription Movie Sites Better Than Free Ones?

When it comes to watching movies, these days we have more choice than ever before. The huge variety of movies is now right at our fingertips thanks to the power of the Internet. People of a certain age will remember the days before cable and satellite. This was when there was only a small handful of channels available and watching movies was something of a luxury. When cable and satellite came along, it was like a whole new world of movie entertainment had opened up. Subscribers were able to enjoy movies on a range of channels as well as signing up to dedicated movie sites and pay on demand services.

Over recent years, the movie entertainment industry has been revolutionized once again. This is all thanks to the availability of online streaming. A huge number of people now turn to the internet in order to stream their favorite movies or to discover new ones. This has become a hugely popular means of movie viewing and the choice of movies available is astonishing. You can get everything from the cult classics through to the latest blockbusters and from drama and thrillers through to horror and international movies.

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The Range Of Movie Sites Available

Another great thing about streaming movies online is that there are many different sites and options available. You will find a growing number of free movie sites where you can stream movies without having to pay anything. You will also find a choice of paid subscription movie sites, where you pay a monthly amount in order to gain access to the database of movies that can be streamed directly to your computer or device.

[pullquote]So, with both of these options available, which one should you go for. Are paid subscription movie sites better than the free ones?[/pullquote] Well, while paid subscription sites such as Amazon prime and Netflix do offer a good choice of movies as well as programs, there are limitations on the options available. With most of the free movie streaming sites, however, you can access a huge database of movies from a wide variety of genres.

On the downside, you do have to be careful with regards to the free sites that you use. Some may be disreputable and illegal. Others may not offer the same quality that comes with paid subscription sites. You may also be subjected to adverts and pop-ups with many of the free sites, which can become quite annoying after a while.

Another thing that some (not all) free movie sites do is ask you to sign up. Normally, this would not be a problem. However, they also ask for your debit card details as part of the sign-up. While there is an assurance on some sites that no money will be taken and that it is only for verification purposes, a lot of people are understandably not keen to enter financial details. This is one of the other things that often make people opt for paid movie sites that are well known.

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