Super Mario As A First Person Shooter Game

I am just in awe right now. It’s not because I have found something about the only legendary true retro game ever created, but because the nature of it is so much more… alive! We are so used to seeing Super Mario jumping in that 2D world, and we’ve grown into it thinking we would never see him in any other way. That might still be the case, but that didn’t stop someone from creating something so cool that you would hope to one day play the game in a first person perspective. We’ve seen the comments, suggestions, wishes and dreams about Super Mario in full 3D, and that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea really. I mean, there is definitely a following out there that would embrace this idea like it was the most awesome release ever.

The creative and awesome people over at Facerocker have done us all a big favor. They created the Super Mario experience in an all 3D format that will have you drooling for more at the end of it. I have seen it three times now, and frankly, my heads has started to hurt from… well from running my head into the brick blocks continuously, in the game that is.

We’re so close to actually being able to play the Super Mario game in full 3D so why stop now? We have seen it in 3D, so make the game already. I’d be jumping high the day it comes out, even if it is only a freeware. I would be playing that game like there was no tomorrow. So shoot some support over to the guys at Facerocker, and tell them they are awesome. Tell them they should definitely start making the game, PRONTO!

Super Mario in Full 3D

Super Mario in Full 3D