Superhero Showdown – Top Grossing Marvel Characters

Since the first Marvel comic was released in October 1939, millions of adults and children alike have been entertained by the stories of their favourite superheroes. As well as still producing comic books, Marvel have turned their characters into silver screen stars, with a minimum of three movie releases each year. But who is the highest grossing character taking both these platforms into consideration over recent years?

We’re seeing more and more of these movies featuring superhero showdowns that are as epic as the superheroes in them. I guess you could say that the companies behind the movies are raising the bar to let the fans, once and for all, know who would win in long awaited showdowns. We’re not going to be any less genuine and decided to put the superhero brands up against each other in a head to head battle.

In this particular superhero showdown, compiled by Casino Online, we’re taking a closer look at the revenue stream that these franchises have managed to rake up at the box office. Have a gander and marvel at the outcome of this epic, still ongoing, superhero showdown. I think it’s safe to say that of there would ever be a Spiderman vs. Iron Man the box office would have to hire a few more trucks to pick up the revenue. Don’t you agree?


Comics (2002-12) – $144m
Films – $1.37bn

Arguably the most well-known Marvel character of them all, Spiderman first hit the comic books back in 1962. As well as being the highest earner through comic sales, the five films with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the latex suit are also top of the charts. Spiderman must also be known as one of the first original superhero franchises which led to the craze in Hollywood and is the only solo Marvel hero movie to have become the biggest hit of the year at the box office on 2 occasions. This is certainly the finest contender for the top spot in this superhero showdown.

Iron Man

Comics (2002-12) – $40m
Films – $1.1bn

The first instalments of the Iron Man series have broken record after record and rightfully have smashed through the $1bn barrier. Tony Stark’s adventures have also performed admirably in the comics too but expect Iron Man to become the best of all time when the 4th film is released. In the world of gaming, Iron Man also seems to be the favorite superhero choice for slot machines that you can find at any mobile casino like A superhero showdown between Iron Man and Superman would probably be a comic book fanatic’s wet dream.

Captain America

Comics (2002-12) – $64m
Films – $435m

The original Avenger first appeared 1941, during the height of World War II and is regarded as one of the most popular figures within the Marvel franchise. Captain America already has two films under his belt, with a third expected to be released in the next few years.


Comics (2002-12) – $70m
Films – $311m

Although he may be more critically acclaimed as part of the phenomenal X-Men, Wolverine has performed very well on his own. An interesting fact – the character first appeared in a 1974 with a cameo role in an Incredible Hulk comic. For the last 14 years, Wolverine has been played on screen by Hugh Jackman, but it is widely expected he is set to step down.


Comics (2002-12) – $25m
Films – $385m

Having recently been changed from male to female in the comic book series, it looks like Chris Hemsworth will continue to play Thor on-screen. Despite being more renowned as part of the Avengers, the character has still scooped near to $400m on his own and has another instalment due in the 2018. We’re pretty sure Thor is going to be a fixture in more upcoming superhero showdown movies in the near future.

True Superhero Showdown – The Numbers

Superhero Showdown Franchise Compilation

Superhero Showdown Franchise Compilation

Superhero Showdown Franchise Compilation


  • comment-avatar
    Scott 7 years

    If this is about Marvel comics, why is there a picture of Batman/Superman logos, which are DC Comics??

  • comment-avatar

    Scott makes a good point; if it’s a battle between Batman and Spider-Man, there’s really no contest. The Batman films are the 5th highest grossing series ever, clocking in at over $1.9 billion. I’m not sure about comic book sales, but Batman is slightly more popular that Spider-Man, so it’s likely they grossed more too. Conclusion: Batman wins at everything.

  • comment-avatar
    Lyss 6 years

    You’re right Zack, no contest- Spiderman wins. It’s well known Spiderman is the high grossing comic book character between both companies, aka in general. I mean, just look at how much more successful his comics are compared to Marvel’s next high grossing character.
    Sorry, I just highly dislike when on nothing but plain assumption people love to say Batman wins at everything.

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    jackpot city 5 years

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