Tequila Worm Salt Made With Real Worms: Great Source Of Protein

If you are familiar with tequila, you probably know there is a worm in the bottom of the bottle. There isn’t a worm in every bottle of tequila, but only in mezcal. I paid my way through University as a bartender and cocktail waitress, so I remember seeing that worm often. It kind of looks like a really fat caterpillar. Have you ever eaten the tequila worm? I haven’t, but I’ve heard when you bite into it, juice squirts out. I’m not sure if that juice would be the mezcal soaked into the worm or the worm’s guts. Maybe it’s a combination of both. If there are any tequila aficionados who read this, maybe you can clear that up for me. I do know that in Mexico, the tequila worm is fried up and eaten like any other little critter. Just add a little salsa or hot sauce and you’ll be good to go.

Now you have the opportunity to taste that lovely tequila worm without having to put his plump, pickled body into your mouth to chew him up. The solution is this Tequila Worm Salt (Sal de Gusano). According to The Green Head, “This intense, smoky flavored salt is made from rock salt infused with chilis and an appropriately ground up agave worm. It’s great for seasoning salads or just that tasty little worm floating in a bottle of mezcal.”

Yup, in other words, there is a ground up tequila worm or worms in this salt. Delish! Now you can lick this authentic worm salt off your hand each time you do tequila shots instead of using that boring old table salt from your kitchen cabinet. You can pick up this salt for just $14.59 on Firebox. It’s a small price to pay considering you won’t have to peel the worms of cactus plants yourself. Tequila and common sense are not included. I don’t know, part of me would rather just eat the worm. It’s going on my bucket list.

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