The Gaming Evolution Revolution!

There is a kind of craze that is happening in the gaming world at the moment, and that is browser based gaming. When you think of browser based gaming you might thing of those flash games you used to play when your boss isn’t watching – so many memories – but you would be wrong. It’s stepped up a level with games like Battlefield Heroes and Quake Live now being available to play free, online and launched via your browser.

There is a little bending of the truth though, its kind of played out that its a quick jump in and start playing thing, almost like the game was streamed from somewhere else, but unfortunately the first time you load the game you do actually have to download the whole thing, which then makes me wonder why make people go through the browser when you could make your game work like the browser window… Anyway, both these games are fun and I would recommend them to you.

Developing the idea of browser based gaming Garage Games came up with “Instant Action”, this is a library of games built within their community using the quite awesome Torque engine. Instant Action then lets you pick what you want to play, and they have quite a few games on there already, again you are stuck with the having to download most of the content first…

But what if you didn’t want to do that? What is next for gaming? We live in a microwave age, where any time is too much time – as Homer once said to Moe “”OOooooh, 40 seconds? I want it NOWWW””.

Have you ever thought about 100% streaming games? Instant access to a high quality full 3d games library you can stream to your computer or TV? Then fix ya peepers on OnLive, watch their video and think of the possibilities.