The Muppets Are Back!

I have to give up some props to Chris Hardwick who is apparently big on the internets. I still don’t know who he is but he does have a really nice website and a top notch logo to represent his @Nerdist brand. You’ve probably seen every website out there jack the video and only the video without giving propers where propers are due.

Any who, Chris has some friends in high places or friends that are high in places, not sure yet. The reason I say this is that one of his good mates, Jason Bierfield of SoapBox Films worked on a project involving over 70 Muppets reworking Queen’s classic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Before you watch this (or watch it repeadetly) I must inform you that it’s not just a comeback, they’ve always been here and are here to stay. The Muppet Studio is in full effect! The have a YouTube Channel where they have all of their shenanigans available for viewing.

My favorites are Statler and Waldarf and their Compiled Criticisms, their two cents on their experiences on being brought up to speed on the fast paced real-time events of the internets. Fantastical!

Check out the Muppets Lab over at YouTube!

Check out the Muppets Lab over at YouTube!

So without further adieu, here is the Bohemian Rhapsody in all it’s glory:

And for an extra bonus, have a look see at The Muppets main website where you just *can’t* skip the intro. As you can tell, I’m not just link jacking and dropping a sentence or two like most everyone else out there does just for some ratings and click throughs… I truly love the Muppets.