The Star Wars Alphabet Puzzle: Test Your Geek Trivia

Do you think you are a Star Wars fan? I mean, a reeeeeeal Star Wars fan? Would you reign superior and kick some ultimate ass if you played a Star Wars trivia game? Well, let’s find out Casanova, how much do you really know?

I’m talking a big game here, but a few of these were a little tricky for me. This puzzle, created by Gamma Squad, has a Star Wars character for each letter of the alphabet. There are in order from A-Z. Can you name them all? Some of them are really obscure, and just when your brain starts to feel like it’s been sliced and diced with a lightsaber, they throw in an easy one. If you get them all right, you get to rule the galaxy for the rest of the day.

If you don’t have the time or the patience to figure this out, you can just skip right to the answers here. However, I caution you against looking at the answers too quickly. Take a deep breath and have some faith, you can do it! Everyone knows that part of the Jedi training is learning proper timing and thoughtful patience. Once you look at the answers, there is no turning back to make it fun again. “From the dark path, no returning there is. Forever, the direction of your life it dominates. ” ~Yoda

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Test Your Star Wars Trivia

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