This Cardboard Warfare Video Kicks Any Action Movie’s Butt!

I think I have just seen a piece of movie history being made. It’s true, and I am prepared to stand by my words. I never thought a bunch of guys running around in the woods with cardboard guns, rifles and grenades fighting each other could be so thrilling and intense. I mean, they even have a cardboard tank for God sake! It’s nothing less than awesome! It beats the hell out of any action movie you have seen cause this one is actually original.

The special effects these guys have been able to pull together is just mind twisting, and you will be glued to the screen for the entire time. A bad thing; however, is that the movie is way too short. I could have easily watched it for another hour and a half. If there was a behind the scenes feature or even an extended version… yeah, I would watch that too!

Imagine what you could do with cardboard and then multiply that by a hundred, and I am sure you will get in the vicinity of what these guys have been able to pull off. Blood, gore, guns, ammo, explosions… even documentary style filming makes this little warfare video a true and honest masterpiece!