One Take Movies: Insane Live Special Effects

I am a huge movie junkie, and I watch at least 3-4 movies a day while I work. It’s such a great way to keep your perspective on your work, and to me, it’s one of those things that helps me get creative. Blockbuster movies of today all have pretty much one thing in common, and that is huge budgets. A blockbuster movie usually has a budget of about $100 million, and it’s all because of the special effects. Post-production special effects aren’t exactly cheap since it means hiring an army of CG animators and builders. For a movie like The Lord of The Rings, for example, the cost would have skyrocketed if it wasn’t for the brilliant move by Peter Jackson to start his own CG Studio.

Is there a way to create special effects on the fly and still have the same effects? By the looks of it, there actually is a way to accomplish almost the same thing since you will by adding computer graphics the post-production way. This way, you add them while shooting, and it gives the actor or actress a new and unique way to interact with the special effects instead of trying to imagine them.

Just have a look at these really cool one-take videos, and you will realize that you don’t have to push post-production on the work schedule. If they could just somehow remove those “condom” suited people that help the actor interact with the environment, I think the whole thing would look way better. I guess we are not supposed to notice them, but it’s hard when they give away shadows and sometimes obscure the view of what we really should be paying attention to. This stuff is very innovative, and with a little bit of research and development, this could be huge for low budget movies. (PS: These are brilliant commercials for the Playstation 3)

Image Projection Special Effects Solution

Image Projection Special Effects Solution

Image Projection Special Effects Solution

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