Top 10 Microgaming Slots In 2019

Those who are fans of online casinos has at one time or another had the possibility of playing Microgaming slots at one of the many online casinos. Microgaming is a well-established game development corporation that currently has over 350 different online slot games that are categorized by the game type, the number of pay lines, and themes.

Microgaming is one of the most well-known names when it comes to producing high-quality online slot games. In the gaming industry, Microgaming has established a superb reputation for developing slot games that have unique bonus features and larger payouts which is what most players look for in an online slot game.

With such a vast selection of possible online casino games to choose from, how do you know what slot you will like or which will appeal to you the most? Microgaming has developed a wide variety of online slot games with specific paytables and types of payouts. Likewise, each game has different types of bonus features.

In this article, we will provide our selection of the top ten Microgaming slots in 2019. We will provide a brief synopsis, the type, and theme of the game, and why they made our list. All of the options can be played both for free or for real money prizes.

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Best Game Themes Of Microgaming Slots In 2019

For online casino players that enjoy popular themes and extraordinary game designs, we have selected the following choices.

  • Avalon 2: Quest for the Grail. If the legend of the search for the Holy Grail medieval theme is what you are seeking, you will have what you want with beautiful graphics. If you are a fan of games with multiple types of Bonus Rounds, Avalon 2 boasts of having 3D animation graphics and 10 different types of bonus games to keep you entertained. From c multipliers to free spins and bonus wilds, Avalon 2 has fantastic payouts and all the gaming features any gamblers welcomes.
  • Thunderstruck 2. For fans of Vikings, Thunderstruck presents the iconic Nordic gods as real symbols. Odin, Thor, Loki, and the Valkyrie are all the high-paying figures that appear on one of the 9 paylines on 5 reels that offer 243 different possibilities for winning. Fans of the original Thunderstruck game will like its sequel even more than it offers 4 Bonus Rounds. All the individual components of the gameplay are superior and offer a fascinating online casino game.
  • Immortal Romance. The vampiric theme is a highly favored one, and online casino fans actively seek it out on many gambling platforms. Players also like this game as it offers one of the largest payouts available. The favored game feature is the randomly triggered Wild Desire bonus feature that can randomly splatter wilds across the reels; large winnings are always a possibility with this game.
  • Lucky Firecracker. One more equally popular gaming theme is of Oriental and especially Chinese origin. Fans are fond of the brightly-colored graphics that light up the gaming area. Beautiful scenery and icons entertain many gamers while seeking its main bonus, the free spin feature.

Favorite Fictional Characters of Microgaming Slots in 2019

Online slots based on characters from movies, books, and TV shows are hugely popular. Gaming enthusiasts will delight in seeing familiar and favorite characters reward generous payouts. We’ve chosen the favorite Microgaming slots of this type.

  • The Dark Knight Rises. Both casino gamers and Cape Crusader fans will delight in the live-action presentation of characters, the chilling and enthralling music, and the multiple bonus game features readily found in the slot machine based on the hit Batman movie. It is one of the best and fast-action slots available.
  • Scrooge. Charles Dickens comes with a superior animated graphics quality. Special bonus features add to its popularity, and this options is not enjoyed only during Christmas time but is a throughout-the-year favorite.
  • King Arthur. Who doesn’t love the tale of Arthur, Guinevere, Knights of the Round Table, and Lancelot? You will enjoy hours of big game-winning fun as these heroes appear on the elaborate playing field with free spins and multipliers to help you in winning big. This game has quickly become a preferred option of many gamblers and will stay so in 2019 as well.

Preferred Traditional Microgaming Slots in 2019

Longtime casino players adore classic slot machines. These are a few of the favorite options coming with Lucky 7 and bar symbols that are expected to face great popularity in 2019.

  • Spectacular. Do you love those Lucky 7s? So does Microgaming, and that is why Spectacular is on the list. Simple three reels and a single winning line make it the preferred choice of gamblers because when it pays, it pays big.
  • Break da Bank. Considered by many as the highest volatile game of all Microgaming slots, this is a bar game where every symbol is a possible payout. Winnings can be multiplied by up to four times its original amount, making the jackpot prize one of the best and highest valued.
  • Retro Reels: Extreme Heat. A lot of gamblers out there find Retro Reels to be extremely fun because it offers fast-paced action, a pounding soundtrack and a re-spin feature that enhances winning probabilities. Here, you get a chance to enjoy a splashy design in a traditional format.

Whether you are a first-time online casino slot gamer or a seasoned pro, Microgaming’s vast quantity of games offered at online casinos is hard to pass up. Choosing one game can be confusing, but hopefully, now, you have an idea where to start due to our top ten Microgaming slots selection for 2019.

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