Top 10 Most Eye-Catching Theaters In The U.S.

For centuries, people of all cultures, religions, and ideologies have been gathering at theatres across the United States. Whether those theatres were equipped with state the art technology for people to come together, as one, and experience the transforming magic of the arts. Here are 10 of the most eye-popping theatres in the United States.

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1. Kauffman Center

Moshe Safdie designed the Kauffman Center, opened in 2011 in Kansas City. It’s iconic and eye-catching in this list because of its sweeping stainless-steel panels that directly connect two different venues with a glass-walled atrium standing 20-meters high.

2. Writer’s Theatre

Chicago has always been a vibrant place for artists of all kinds. The Writer’s Theatre, located in the North Shore village of Glencoe, is designed by the Studio Gang, the 250-seat stage venue can accommodate 50-100 visitors. What makes this theatre interesting, aside from the obvious, is the loggia that is raised and enclosed by latticework.

3. Central City Opera House

Over the decades it has become the U.S.’s fifth-oldest opera company, often hosting the country’s most successful summer opera festival every year. Many resale marketplaces like Front Row Tickets (as well as box offices) often sell tickets to the festival.

4. Kalita Humphrey Theatre

When American architect icon Frank Lloyd Wright built the Kalita Humphrey Theatre, not many people knew it would be his last. Even fewer people would suspect that today it is one of his only theatres to survive the ages. Situated in Dallas, Texas, the Humphrey’s curved walls take center stage – which, itself, stands on an alternating turntable.

5. Radio City Music Hall

Developed and built in 1932, it has stood the test of time—by architect Edward Stone—as an Art Deco masterpiece. The interiors (created by designer Donald Deskey) are a staple of perfection. It is like a grand stadium for the true elite of our society.

6. Saenger Theatre

The Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana cost over $2.5 million dollars to design and build. This theatre is most ravishing – and certainly suitable to be the home of a hundred kings, queens and royal families. It is luxurious and a marvelous design.

7. Durham Performing Arts Center

This North Carolina theatre—which sits 2,800 guests and cost $46 million to build—is truly a sight to behold. One look at the Durham Performing Arts Center and you’ll see, literally, exactly why it cost so much. You’ll also see one of the most fascinating designed architectures in the whole state.

8. The Egg

One look at this odd building explains the namesake. Few people looking at this admittedly-strange architectural design know that it took over an astonishing 12 years to build. The Egg finally opened its doors for the first time in 1978.

9. Schermerhorn Symphony Center

If you’ve never planned a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, this neoclassical concert hall may change your mind. The Center itself is reminiscent of 19th century Europe’s flourishing and breath-taking concert halls. They feature 21st-century technology.

10. The War Memorial Opera House

The 38-ft. ceiling towering over the main lobby make this opera house distinguishable from other opera houses. The grand columns are reminiscent of 1932 when the opera house first opened its doors. The design is a nod to soldiers who fought in WW1.


Concert halls, performing arts centers and auditoriums are evidence that the language of the arts can be transposed to suit different cultures. This is perhaps the fundamental reason why art is more vital, alive and thriving now than in any other time in history.

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