Top 10 Video Game Series In The History Of Gaming

Video games are very addictive, and this just not only goes for those with particularly exciting storylines but also those with fun and enjoyable gameplay. This article counts down some of the best video game series in history which have captivated gamers over the years, and still continue to do so.

Even if you do not agree with our list, you cannot deny that each game has had a lot of influence on all video games that are being released to this date.

1. Super Mario

The plumber with his team going to save the princess has always been quite unusual because a plumber is not exactly anyone’s dream superhero. Mario however, made it very cool because all games released under this series have been absolutely delightful and full of nerving actions.

2. Grand Theft Auto

The entire idea behind this series has been to give people an insight of the underworld mafia and how it operates in such shady ways, however, the gameplay has always been very captivating because there is no limit to what how much you can achieve, especially in the latest GTA V.

3. The Legend Of Zelda

Zelda has one of those typical late 90s storylines where a hero goes to save a princess, but the game itself has many components and continues to get better with every release. It is indeed a magical mystery tour in itself.

4. Pacman

From a simple graphic game involving an iconic figure eating ghosts to games related to Pacman and his family, the franchise turned out to be one of the greatest in the world and will continue to be a favorite of many classical gamers.

5. 8 Ball Pool

This game has been the main grabber of attention of online pool players who want to go up against the world ever since it was released on Facebook. Any 8 ball pool cheat available out there can make the game even more interesting.

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6. Sonic

The hedgehog will never go out of style with new games involving more and more complex story lines, but the traditional play still remaining intact. Sonic has come a long way with the promise of quality with every release.

7. Megaman X/Zero

This Capcom series has had games released in most emulators out there and has different styles of games which suit many kinds of gamers.

8. Assassin’s Creed

This franchise hosted by Ubisoft has been one of the central hubs of online gaming and individual gaming, considering how it is full of action, in depth character details and graphics that blow away competitors.

9. Counter Strike

Speaking of online gaming, who can forget Counter Strike? This game is still a never ending phenomenon in gaming cafes and centers all over the globe and is packed with a lot of action that delights players.

10. Need For Speed

Car racing games have a separate thrill to them which cannot be taken away, and Need for Speed has had a history of releasing games just at the right time when digital thrill seekers are looking for the perfect game.

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Top 10 Video Game Series In The History Of Gaming

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