Top 5 Online Sportsbook In United States

Across the globe, there are hundreds of sportsbooks running online, but from hundreds of these, we shortlisted the top 5 online sportsbooks, which perform the best business in the United States. This has been done very effectively, we went through each and every aspect of choosing our top 5.

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What Is A Sportsbook ?

Sportsbook is a place where gamblers go wagering on different sports. These sports may include the following.

  1. Football.
  2. Golf.
  3. Martial arts.
  4. Boxing.
  5. Soccer.
  6. Horse racing.
  7. Baseball.

These are some famous games on which wagering is done at sportsbooks. Here is the list of top 5 online sportsbooks in the United States.

1. Intertops

In our opinion Intertops ranks at 5th in being the best online sportsbook. Intertops was started in 1983. It is famous for its best services which includes infinite amounts of deposits and withdrawals. Other main features of Intertops include.

  • Bet limit is very minimum.
  • Provides amazing customer services.
  • Wide spectrum of betting on sports.
  • Mobile offerings are also very amazing.

Intertops provides the facility to deposit minimum 10 $ and 1 $ minimum internet bet.

2. Youwager

Youwager stands at 4th spot in our ranking. It has an experience of almost 20 years in the industry. Youwager is compatible with both desktop and the mobile version. Therefore, we can say this platform as a mobile friendly platform providing streamline streaming. With a long serving history for the past 20 years to their customers, Youwager has proven that they are one of the great sportsbooks. Youwagers provides the facility of minimum 20 $ deposit and 1 $ minimum bet on the internet.

3. GTBets

GTbets is a bit newbie as compared to the other online sportsbooks. But they still have a great name around the United States. Their service is epic, they provide good deposit promotions and have a reward system that can be considered as its one of the best features. GTBets is a mobile-friendly site, therefore you can also operate it from your mobile phones. This helps you to navigate, and wager easily. They have improved their system rapidly which ranked them in the top five in our online sportsbook ranking.

GTBets minimum deposit is 35 $ and its minimum internet bet is about 1 $.

4. Bet Online

One of the top priorities of wagers is Bet online sportsbook. It started way back in 2001, providing epic service to its customers. They introduced litecoins and ethereum as an option for deposit and withdrawal. Another feature that they provide is a free withdrawal after 30 consecutive check inns. They contain a mobile-friendly site which makes it superior to other sportsbooks in its competition. Its minimum bet deposit is 50 $ while the minimum internet deposit is 1 $.

5. Bovada

Bovada ranks as the best online sportsbook in the United States. Undoubtedly, its features make it one among a million. People who use it as their sportsbook are much fond of it and always give positive reviews. Its major features include.

  1. Provides welcome bonus.
  2. Free bet up to 250 $.
  3. It is mobile friendly.
  4. Live betting platform.
  5. Provides a wide spectrum of betting during a match.
  6. Secure and reliable.
  7. Minimum deposit 20 $
  8. Minimum internet Bet 1 $.

These all mentioned features provide us enough reasons to rank Bovada as the no 1 online sportsbook in the United States.

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