Top Entertaining Websites That People Loves To Surf

March 2020, Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic hit the word, and we were all locked down in our house, we never show anything like that before. Since nobody was allowed to go out,  people find different online platforms for entertainment and spend their time during this tough period of pandemics.

From online chat platforms to OTT platforms, a lot of websites and OTT platforms take a huge spike in media consumption and use. During the time of the pandemic, cinema halls and theatres were closed and people turn their attention to OTT Service providers like Disney plus (Hotstar), Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., and online chat platforms like Omegle TV, ome tv, FaceFlow, Bazoocam, etc. Let’s talk about some of the most used websites and OTT platforms during the time of the pandemic.

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1. Netflix-OTT

Since we are talking about OTT platforms, Netflix might be the first name that comes to mind, Netflix takes a huge spike in use during pandemics. Netflix has more than $300 bn market valuation and which nearly $200 bn before the start of the pandemic. It adds nearly $100 bn spikes, Whoohoo!!, That’s huge right!. after the introduction of Stranger Things as their First official show and later Introduction of The Money heist and Novel drama The Witcher and True events inspired Narcos and more, Netflix gets the audience’s attention.

The 24-year-old streaming/OTT platform has over 300 M subscribers and currently has the most active subscribers in the world and giving huge competition to Amazon prime and Disney+ (Hotstar). Netflix’s monthly plan starts from $8.99 to $18 per month, different plans are available based on quality

2. Disney/Disney+(Hotstar)-OTT

Well, there are a lot of good things we talked about Netflix, but Disney has also its own platform and it also giving huge competition to its competitors like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Disney launches their own Streaming platform by joined a program with Pixar, marvel, star, National Geographic, Star Wars.

Disney also has a partner media service that provides Star media which covers most of India’s sports events. Disney+ has over 300 M subscribers all over the world and 15% are from India alone. Disney’s monthly plans start from $8 and per year plans are starting from $80.

3. Online Chat Platforms

Okay, We just talked about two of the best OTT platforms. but we should not forget the online Chat platform which is one of the topmost choices for entertainment during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the Time of the pandemic, Omegle has over 70000+ live users every day! Which is around 20000+ live users before the start of the pandemic. Yeah, you read it right, Well the perfect competition for Netflix, Right?

Just cracking a joke,  since both are different service providers. Not just Omegle, but the other online Chat platforms like FaceFlow, Bazoocame, ChatRad, Teen-Chat recorded a huge number of users during the time of the Corona Virus pandemic.


You must be surprised why I didn’t mention amazon prime, it has the same story as the other, but Netflix and Disney had recorded the biggest number of users during the time of the pandemic. Disney has had more power since its joined program but Netflix giving them perfect competition.

Meanwhile, Chat platforms like Omegle, Bazoocam, FaceFlow also had success to get the attention of people. So these are the top fabulous websites that people most love to surf. Hope you get detailed information about Internet’s top famous entertaining websites from here and you will start surfing them today.

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