March Madness – How Teams Rank On The Luck Scale [Infographic]

Do you enjoy having a flutter on sport from time to time? Do you get a kick out of watching American basketball and trying to predict the winners? If the answer to either question is a resounding “yes”, then you probably already know a bit about March Madness. If you’re less familiar with the sporting epidemic that spreads around the US during the third month of every year, allow us to fill you in a bit.

March Madness is the colloquial title for the annual NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament – a competition featuring 68 teams from colleges around the country. Now in its 78th year, March Madness has been sending US sports fans into a frenzy for the best part of eight decades. The most infatuated supporters even draw up brackets and make their predictions before Sunday Selection (March 12th) – which is the event where the basketball committee reveal the teams they have chosen to participate in the tournament.

There’s invariably a huge amount of anticipation and excitement for March Madness every single year, but 2017 is proving to create even more of a stir than usual. Ordinarily, there always appears to be one, two, or even three teams that are strong on paper and look like sensible sides to put your money on. This year, finding a team that stands out from the rest is proving impossible, even for the stattos, avid gamblers, and expert pundits.

The regular NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball season has seen the top teams slipping up unexpectedly and the (supposedly) weaker sides storming to the summits of their respective conference tables. It has been a bizarre year so far, and that’s what makes March Madness 2017 so tough to call. The UCLA Bruins are the most successful side in the comp and are often tipped to go the distance, but their defense is so suspect this season that they could end up leaking too many points. The Duke Blue Devils were initially being tipped for top results, but they have found themselves on the wrong side of several upsets this season and have experienced a stop-start campaign from the offset. The Kentucky Wildcats – another side that is often in the mix for the trophy – are good on their day, but their limited three-point play could pose serious problems when it comes to crunch-time.

When a contest is as utterly unpredictable as the 78th NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, it makes perfect sense to leave it up to the gods to make guesses for you. Brought to you by Cool Cat Casino, the effervescent infographic below features all the “luckiest” teams and players competing in March Madness 2017. The leading online casino has consulted the Chinese Zodiac to determine which numbers and colors are due for good fortune this year, and matched this information to the corresponding teams in the tournament. The result is a rankings chart of all the players and colleges you ought to be putting your money on when the first game tips-off after Sunday Selection.

The entire competition is completely up in the air this year, and consulting Cool Cat Casino’s infographic might just prove to be a shrewd (if a little unconventional) way of earning yourself a few cheeky dollars on college basketball in 2017.

March Madness is aptly named and a hell of a lot of fun, with this year’s competition guaranteed to spring surprises across the board and serve up some seriously entertaining games from start to finish. Make sure to get your bracket drawn up, and don’t forget to tune in for Sunday Selection. 68 sides will be fancying their chances to this year, and on March 12th we’ll find out exactly which colleges will be competing.

March Madness – Player & Team Luck Analysis

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March Madness Basketball Luck Infographic

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