Top Most Important Gaming Platforms In 2018 [Infographic]

Online gaming has taken the world by storm and more games than ever end up on people’s gaming platforms, whether they are mobile devices or stationary computers. It should come as no surprise that mobile gaming is getting more popular with an ever-increasing speed and will, at some point, be the most popular gaming platform out there.

It all has to do with processing power and controls. Once mobile devices can compare their performance with stationary platforms you can expect a shift in how developers create games. However, for now, let’s have a look at the most important gaming platforms in 2018.

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To help assess the current gaming platform market by importance we have taken help from Statista. They have been keeping a close eye on the developments and through a study, where they looked at which platforms developers favor, it’s clear that most game developers are interested in and are developing for the PC market. As much as 60% of the world’s game developers choose to concentrate on the PC platform.

So, is the mobile market getting any attention and love at all? Well, as it turns out, the mobile market still has some ways to go before it can compete with the PC market. Only 30% of the worlds game developers are interested in or are currently developing games for the mobile device market. However, this is still really impressive considering mobile gaming just started becoming popular a few years ago.

Even though there are still very few AAA games for mobile devices, there have been a few ported games such as GTA: San Andreas, GTA III, Vice City and a few more. Mobile devices still attract casual gamers that favor games such as Casino Slot Machine games and other exciting titles that can be played on the commute or at home while relaxing in the couch in front of the TV.

When taking a closer look at Statista’s study and the infographic they have produced (see infographic below) we can make out another really interesting statistic. The fact that VR (Virtual Reality) has more game developers interested in developing for the platform than Mac is quite fascinating. Apple, who’s constantly trying to push the envelope with new exciting technologies, seems to fail at attracting game developers to their stationary platform (not to be confused with their mobile platforms.) On the other hand, Mac has never been a preferred gaming platform for players and it’s something that Apple has never really seemed to care about much either.

Even though PC is dominating the popularity among game developers, mobile gaming has one thing that will play to its advantage in the future. A lot of games are free to play, the largest category being Free Casino Games, which makes the mobile gaming platform more attractive than PC, and in the future, I see no reason why the mobile gaming platform will eventually overtake the PC market when it comes to developer attention.

Replayability is also an increasingly important factor when it comes to games, and so far, mobile games seem to have the strongest features that make gamers come back for more time and time again. For example, while Minecraft is one of the most addicting games on the PC platform, it has pinned itself at the top spot on mobile games charts for an insanely long time and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

So, as you can see, more and more developers are starting to favor the mobile platform, even though most of the time it’s just a matter of porting games. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it’s when games are specifically developed for mobile devices that we really see the technology being pushed forward. So far, the most innovation has happened in the casual gaming genre and I don’t see that trend changing. At least not in the near future.

Out of curiosity, what game do you feel has pushed the popularity of mobile gaming the most? Leave a comment in the comment section below and we’ll start a conversation around the topic. Perhaps it will help developers get even more interested in prioritizing the mobile gaming platform more than they already are.

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