Top Remastered Games That You Have To Play

Have you ever wondered how your favorite childhood game would look with modern graphics? Most people are against the concept of remaking games, mainly because they think it will ruin the game. However, we often romanticize the old-school concept, easily forgetting all the things it lacked till we play it again when we’re older. A remake can improve an already incredible game by adding the missing details. It can prove to be a pretty unique and special experience. What do you think? Won’t you agree?

Here is our list of the top remastered games that are a must-play. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Let’s start the list with the most awaited remake of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Square-Enix has done an exceptional job in the remake of this incredible game. FFVII is the most popular and loved game of the FF series, so doing justice to the original game was not an easy task, yet Square-Enix pulled it off effortlessly.

The remake has stunning visuals with soulful music that fits like a glove with the story, while further enhancing the experience for all players. The combat system has also been improved significantly without changing it much from the original system. The only downside of this remake is that the developers have split up the story, with the original game having only 30% of the story. However, it expands the story in such depth, making it hard to believe that it’s only 30% of the story.

World Of Warcraft Classic

Up next, we have the most awaited MMORPG remake of all time, WoW Classic. World of Warcraft was first released back in 2004, and since then, it has changed quite a bit. The more modern WoW is much easier and more welcoming towards casual players. However, veteran players prefer the older version, and that is exactly what Blizzard gave them.

WoW classic is a remake of the original World of Warcraft, having almost exactly the same mechanics and quest system with improved graphics. The game is a true expression of nostalgia and will remind you of the days when you stayed up all night to grind. While it’s incredible that the game retains the difficulty of the original World of Warcraft, it might prove to be too difficult. However, the good part is that you can rely on Eldorado for any items and even boosting services. You can enjoy your favorite remake without having to rage quit. How awesome is that?

Resident Evil II

Don’t you think that horror games are so overdone? They’re not even that scary! However, Resident Evil has never failed to scare the pants off of us. Capcom didn’t deviate much from the original game and reworked the design and environment beautifully, or should I say horrifyingly? It wouldn’t be a lie if I said that because the remake surprisingly succeeded in making the game 10 times more terrifying.

Furthermore, the visuals, design, and music used in the remake, increased the dread, while perfectly molding the horror experience for all players. The game is so unpredictable that even if you played the original game a thousand times, you still won’t be able to dodge the jump scares. In other words, this remake will give you that nostalgic feel while also providing a completely terrifying experience. If you’re looking forward to buy Resident Evil, consider visiting Gamecamp to find the best prices that the internet can provide.

Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver

Pokemon Gold and Silver are the most iconic games in the Pokemon series. Why do I say that? These two were the only Pokemon games offering more than one region, allowing players to collect 16 badges in total instead of the regular 8 badges.

Sounds pretty cool, right? It was revolutionary at that time and still is because the latest games fail to provide such an incredible experience. Its remake, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver were released ten years later with better graphics, mechanics, and even new Pokemon. The game is definitely worth the shot and is one of the best Pokemon games you will ever play. So, what are you waiting for?

The Legend Of Zelda – Link’s Awakening

Last but not least, we have our favorite classic game, Link’s Awakening. The game was first released in 1993 and is still one of the most loved Zelda games of all time. Nintendo’s remake of the classic game left all the fans awe-struck as it was simply too beautiful.

The best part about this remake is that it appeals to older fans and the newer generation. If you thought Breath of the Wild was cool, you will simply fall in love with Link’s Awakening as it shows a different side to Zelda’s adventures. The remake offers a wholesome vibe in 3D with its stunning visuals, bright colors, and exciting quests. The game will make you go through so many emotions once you play it and is simply one of the best remakes out there.

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