Top Social Games & Why They Are So Popular [Infographic]

Alright, so I am not too much of a social gamer. I get invited to them several times a day, but time has never allowed me to venture out of my to-do list to see what they are all about. It’s intriguing, I have to admit that. However, I always see those reports that say social gaming easily creates an addiction and that if you can stay away from them, it will benefit your creativity. Even though I don’t think I would get glued to the screen because of some game, I am still hesitant to check them out. Why are these social games so popular and what makes them so addicting?

Since I am not too much into these kind of games, I couldn’t answer that question myself, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer to it, naturally. Just have a look at the data that Prism Casino put together, and you should get an idea about just how popular these games are and possibly why as well. The infographic is quite straight forward, and if you thought FarmVille, Bejeweld Blitz and Mafia Wars were the games that users find most satisfactory, I am afraid you are rowing the wrong boat.

As a matter of fact (and data), it is actually Garden of Time that users find to be most satisfactory. So far, they have about 7.4 million active users per month. That is quite a lot of people playing one single game, wouldn’t you say? There are of course other games out there that have way more users than this game though. By the looks of it, it is in social gaming where the big bucks are waiting to switch hands. No wonder pretty much every game studio in the world is trying to create a mmorpg game with a real currency system. We will see what will come from all this in the end. Companies want to make money, and they are probably hard at work putting together the ultimate experience as we speak. We’ll just have to wait and see what that might be. Hold on to your wallets people, this could get ugly.


Via: [Daily Infographic] Header Image: [Martijn Reintjes]