Transfer Your WoW Gold With These Methods

Want to transfer your hard-earned World of Warcraft gold to another character or server? Here are some methods to do so, as well as some warnings if you decide to use them.

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Another Character In The Same Realm

First, we’ll discuss the simplest method of transferring gold when one of your characters on the same realm as you main needs it: in-game mail. This approach can be used to give gold to your friends, as well, without having them be online. Other players will receive your message after about an hour, but mail sent to characters on your own account will be received instantly.

Simply go to a mailbox (usually near inns), type in the character’s name, type in how much gold you want to transfer in a box lower down, and send it. Take note that sending mail also requires gold, and a subject and message in the body is optional. For the purpose of transferring gold to other characters, make sure you don’t select the C.O.D option.

You can’t send gold across servers or across factions through this method.

Character Transfer

For the first of the methods for transferring gold across servers, you’ll be transferring your character to another realm or server for a fee of some Blizzard credit. Limitations on this method include only being able to transfer only to realms and accounts in the same region, a realm’s availability as a destination, and some carried gold limits depending on your character’s level. At maximum, that limit is 250,000 gold when your character is at level 100 and above. Valuable items that can be sold in the Auction House in your inventory can subvert this limit, with thorough research.

You can’t transfer into a realm where you have a full character list, and you won’t be able to transfer at all if you have active auctions or mail. It costs about $25 for this transfer. Having tokens in your inventory also prevents the process, so converting them to credit to pay for the transfer is advised.

Guild Transfer

A bit more expensive than transferring just one character, it has the added benefit of having no gold limit. Everything in the guild’s bank or storage will be transferred. The guild’s perks, level, and achievements go with the guild leader as well. You do need at least one other character/player in the guild, as transferring will reset the original’s level back to 1, and an assigned character will become the next guild leader.

Your character must be the guild leader for at least a week before initiating the transfer. It costs about $35.

Another Gold Transfer Option?

The other option is to bring along items to sell in the new realm. That method is a little bit trickier as market prices are not very stable, and are different across realms. To ensure minimal losses, much effort to research item prices should be exerted. Many players also suggest ‘smuggling’ caged battle pets, but again, market prices are quite unstable and you have to wait for other players to accept your price. Then again, the question is of convenience, and ultimately it’s your choice when it comes to which method you’ll use to transfer your gold.

Whichever way you prefer to do it, we hope you continue enjoying World of Warcraft.

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