Badass Gamer Puts Blizzard In Their Place!

It’s rare, but it’s always entertaining when a gamer knows more about a game he’s playing than even the creators do. It’s even more so when the company is one of the most successful ones. This is fast becoming a viral video that everyone loves to watch. The reasons are quite obvious when you look at the clip. The main thing about this clip is that Blizzard, the creators of World of Warcraft, go totally blank when this kid, who is probably getting more props than Blizzard at this point, puts it out there that Blizzard must have made a mistake when they created the game story.

This kid, who doesn’t want to give out his name, seems to know more about this game than anyone else, and that’s exactly why he’s the most awesome gamer I have seen to date. He’s been dubbed the “Red Shirt Guy” on the Internet, and in a second much more personal clip, he speaks out about his speaking patterns and what his World of Warcraft Guild name is. With the huge impact these clips have had where Blizzard goes blank, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to give out his name.

It’s safe to assume why the entire room is cheering at this guy when he finally gets his answer. It seems the room goes into hibernation for a few seconds as Blizzard tries to recover from the blank; however, quickly realizes that they have no answer to give and therefore surrender to just saying, “Thanks for pointing that out. We’re gonna get that fixed!” So while leaving you to these awesome clips, I would just like to say it’s always awesomely entertaining when the gamers own the creators. Props!