What Happens When You Win At An Online Casino?

One of the main reasons people decide to gamble at an online casino is because it provides players with a chance at making wins. What happens after you’ve made a win at an online casino will depend on the type of win you’ve made, continue reading for more information on this.

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Landing An Ordinary Win

An ordinary win is when you win money on an ordinary casino game, meaning one that doesn’t offer a jackpot prize, and you haven’t claimed any promotions. These wins are straightforward and easy, won’t be very much, and can instantly be withdrawn since there are no other conditions attached to them.

Once the amount has been credited to your account, you simply need to log into your account, head to the casino’s cashier or wallet and select the ‘Withdrawl’. You’ll then need to select a payment method – although some online casinos require you to withdraw to the same method used to deposit – and then enter all required information including how much you want to withdraw.

Once you’ve entered that, you simply need to confirm the transaction and wait. Now, depending on the casino and payment method used, you’ll be required to wait several days for your withdrawal to process and reach your account.

Landing A Jackpot Win

If you land a progressive jackpot win, which tends to be larger in size, things work somewhat differently. After making a win, you may need to verify it through the casino’s customer support. Rather than requesting a withdrawal, the casino will usually organise a payout to your account.

Now, depending on the casino website and the game developer of the game you won the jackpot on, the way the giant bonus is credited will vary. Most casino sites and game developers will stagger out your jackpot win in installments over a longer period of time directly to your bank account. However, game developer Microgaming is one of the few to pay out the win entirely in one go.

Landing A Win With Bonuses

Finally, the process for withdrawing wins is different if you’ve landed a win through a casino bonus or promotion. Generally speaking, any wins made when you’ve claimed a bonus must be wagered according to the promotion’s terms and conditions before anything can be withdrawn.

Depending on the terms of your bonus, only once you’ve wagered the winnings, funds, and deposit will you be able to withdraw the remaining funds from your account. Once you are ready to withdraw your funds, you simply need to follow the simple process we’ve laid out above by going to your casino’s cashier or wallet. From there, you’ll need to wait a few days before you get your wins!

Regardless of the win you’ve made, it’s simple to withdraw your funds and enjoy your winnings. Just remember, it can take a few days for the withdrawal to reach you, just try to stay patient in the meantime.

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