Why are Dutch People Such Passionate Gamblers

Online gambling is a business venture that is yet to be fully tapped as it is projected by experts to grow about nine percent over the coming years. It is one of the fastest-growing online markets using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to serve a global market. When we mention online gokken in the Dutch vocabulary, different thoughts come to mind.

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Brief Background

Being long considered Europe’s Las Vegas, Netherlands is home to sports betting and gambling itself. Gambling is seen as an exciting culture, tradition, and pastime for the Netherlands’ people. In this country, the state monopoly runs all the betting and gambling activities such that any other operations outside them are considered illegal.

Therefore, there are no online casino sites inside the country asides from the ones made available by the country. Any establishment that uses the word ‘casino’ without obtaining a license is considered illegal and would be charged with hefty fines. The world’s oldest lottery, Staatsloterij, invented about 300 years ago, started in the Netherlands.

Gambling in the Netherlands has spread like wildfire, such that the more they try to ban it, the greater the percentage of gambling enthusiasts in the whole nation. Like in most countries in Europe, the legal landscape in the Netherlands is quite complicated. However, with civilization and the global revolution, the government is bent on turning the tides around gambling and online betting.

The very first Dutch application to request a gambling license goes as far back as the 14th century, with Holland Casino Zandvoort as the first. The revenue made from the casino was sent to the government’s coffers such that they were no competition for decades. More casinos came into existence but were all owned and operated by Holland Casino.

Holland casino is the only legal provider of casino gambling at real gaming tables. The government now wants to privatize Holland Casino, such that four will be sold individually while the other ten will continue to remain under Holland casino.

New Reality

Although online gambling is starting to gain recognition and precedence in the Netherlands, there have been various illegal sites over the years. As a matter of fact, over the last couple of years, Dutch people have spent up to E800 million on illegal gambling alone. Indeed, Dutch people didn’t quickly embrace online gambling, but it has been bliss for them and the casinos ever since they have.

A regulated online gambling market and the Dutch Remote Gaming Act were passed, and it was expected to launch in 2021, making Dutch people anticipate the freedom to come. But up until it was found, Dutch people had to keep betting on websites outside the country or go-ahead to visit the state-run betting shops.

There are well over 200 casinos that gambling centers all across the Netherlands. They include lottery outlets, racetracks, bingo halls, gaming arcades, sportsbooks, and racetracks. Some of these casinos even provide their customers with comprehensive service ranging from quality gaming experience to other attractions such as bars and restaurants.

With the reforms and bills being passed into law, the government is trying to modernize. Different lottery centers are running in the Netherlands, and with the government’s modernization plans, the lottery system becomes more socially legal and policy-based in recent times.


The government has come to terms with the fact that they cannot continue limiting and restricting gambling operations, hence the reason for the amendments of the gambling policies. However, a central registry must be created where complaints can be issued and registered so the providers and operators can be monitored. Dutch people are delighted with the new developments and changes made to the gambling operations in the Netherlands.

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