Why You Should Get Into D&D

From “Stanger Things” to “Vin Diesel’s D&Diesel,” Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is experiencing another renaissance. Played by millions in the late 70s and early 80s, D&D is now routinely played by 14 million people worldwide. With such widespread popularity and nearly five decades of existence, here are the six best reasons why you should play Dungeons and Dragons.

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But First, What’s D&D?

What’s Dungeons and Dragons? If you haven’t heard yet, it is, in short, a game; a game in which the players take on the role of fantastic characters who go on wondrous adventures. It is a game that mostly takes place in the imagination of those at the table as everyone tells each other what they do and then decide what happens. Some dice, the rule books, and a Dungeon Master to guide gameplay are all that’s necessary to start having fun and playing D&D.


Dungeons and Dragons is a group game. It involves at least two people, though four or five players are average. Sometimes several dozen people gather for an evening of adventure. Although modern technology allows for gaming at a distance, a core aspect of the D&D gaming experience is to play the game face-to-face on a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions.

Some of these games last for years and even decades. Whether with family or friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons is a social event that can form lifelong relationships and bring family and friends closer together.


Dungeons and Dragons is the inspiration for the entire host of computer-based role-playing games on the market today. The hit points, armor class, damage, levels, quests, and reward systems of all modern PC RPGs have their roots in Dungeons and Dragons.

Playing these games in their original format is more educational than their derivatives. Developing social skills, mastering language and communication, honing problem-solving abilities, witnessing the practical application of statistics, and managing group interactions are just a few of the well-documented educational benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Buried deep in the human psyche is the need to tell stories. Movies, books, plays, and even the ballet are all storytelling and manners for us to examine ourselves and our place in the world. Playing Dungeons and Dragons is like being a character in a story.

But unlike those stories you read or watch and which have been written and directed by someone else, this is a story of your making. Be it a comedy, tragedy, or romance, you and your friends become the heroes of your unique tales.


A game of Dungeons and Dragons involves adventuring into the fantastic worlds of your or others’ creating. No two adventures, settings, or games are alike. From space piracy and fighting superheroes, to dragon slaying and exploring lost temples, a game of Dungeons and Dragons is what you make of it.

The game is not limited to a board, rather it takes place in your limitless imagination. It fosters creativity and allows you to explore boundless worlds you and your friends can dream up. The more you play and interact with others, the wilder and more complex the settings for the game becomes.


Playing Dungeons and Dragons is also economical. All that is necessary to play are several rulebooks, a handful of dice, and your imagination (there are people who still use the rule books written in the late 70s).

These few things can supply thousands of hours of entertainment. But that is not all! There are beautifully sculpted miniatures, a plethora of unique and exciting pre-made D&D 5e Adventures, wonderful models representing everything from dungeons to castles, and an array of other accessories designed to make your evening of play easier, more immersive, and exciting.


The popularity of Dungeons and Dragons is enormous. Finding people with which to game is easy. It is likely you already know someone who does play. But, in case you don’t, attending conventions, (some of whose attendance numbers reach the tens of thousands) asking online, talking to coworkers, family, or friends, should provide ample opportunity to gather enough people together to play Dungeons and Dragons. And with 14 million players worldwide, who wouldn’t want to join the fun?

From the psychological underpinnings of collective and imaginative storytelling to the forming lifelong friendships, playing Dungeons and Dragons is an activity you will enjoy having been a part of or having experienced. It may even become a lifelong hobby as it has for millions of other people. Delve into the fantastic and experience what everyone is talking about while the time right.

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