Will Virtual Reality Change The Future Of Online Gaming?

Over the last 20 years, the gambling industry has seen a massive change. Punters are taking advantage of technology and choosing to gamble online, leaving many land-based casinos closing their doors. Operators have seen this new trend and decided to move to internet sites. Players are always looking for the next big thing. Software developers are working hard to meet these challenges, with virtual reality set to change how we play live blackjack games, poker, and the other casino staples in even more exciting ways.

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How Online Casinos Evolved

Technology has always been the confounding variable for online casinos. Initially, the games offered were basic, and the graphics were mediocre. However, players could enjoy the convenience of being at home or out and out while gambling, the experience was pretty underrated.

As technology advanced, things began to improve, and the initial live casino experience meant that players could play live games with a real croupier who appeared with a video link. This made for a more authentic experience, although there was no getting away from the fact you were sat on a sofa, not a stool, in a high-end casino on the Vegas strip.

Enter Virtual Reality

Virtual reality enables a fully immersive experience, whether you are visiting a safari park, riding a roller coaster, or standing at the blackjack tables at Ceasars Palace. The addition of a headset and, in many cases, gloves enable the player to climb into the schene as if they were there.

This is still a relatively new technology, and the issue is that players must have the correct VR kit at home to take part. Currently, good VR headsets are expensive and, to work well, need to be wired to the current generation of powerful PCs. One of the appeals of the current casino set-up is the mobile aspect, with most games available on phones meaning they can be played anywhere there is an internet connection.

Overcoming Barriers

Some online casinos already offer a limited VR experience to punters, but as yet, it hasn’t become mainstream. To become a fully immersive VR experience, there needs to be an advancement in all technology areas. The Oculus headset, considered to be the best on the market, is now fully wireless, which makes it a lot more practical, and pairing to devices like mobile phones become a reality. However, the added expense of kit requirements could still exclude many punters. So, of course, this needs to change as well.

The VR Casino Experience

However, experts predict that this is how the industry will go, and visiting a casino online will be the whole 360 experience. After donning your headset, you will walk into the lobby, pick your game, order food, and even head to the casino shopping mall for some retail therapy. An experience that mirrors everything that punters love about the high-stakes casinos of Las Vegas. To complete the gaming experience, software developers will need to program their games for VR, but this is already well underway, meaning it is just a matter of time now.

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