Win More By Focusing On Exotic Bets

If you take your horse race punting more seriously than the casual weekend punter, then you’ll be looking for every option to turn a profit. One way to make more on your betting dollar is to focus some attention on exotic bets, as these tend to pay out bigger dollars than simply backing a horse for a win or a place.

You might have more chance of successfully picking a winner or a place getter than trying to correctly choose the first four past the post, but the odds are much lower, and therefore the payouts far smaller.

Even exotic bets sometimes don’t pay very much, depending on which horses get home. For example, if you back a trifecta in a race that only has 7 starters, the payout will be less than winning a trifecta on a race boasting a field of 20 racehorses. The reason being is that it’s easier to choose the first 3 in a smaller field than a larger one.

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Also, while on the trifecta example, if the three most fancied horses come home first, second and third, the payout for this result will be way lower than if a less fancied horse figured in the final three.

When it comes to Melbourne Cup odds, these can get totally skewed due to the sheer number of people placing bets on the race, so deciding on a favorable standard or exotic bet can be less accurate. Some horses that appear to be more fancied maybe shouldn’t be.

What Are More Examples Of Exotic Bets?

Big payouts are never guaranteed, but if you can master some of the exotic bets, you stand a far better chance of making some decent coin than if you simply focus your efforts on the easiest bets to take.

Exotic bets are harder to predict, but that’s why they pay more. If you’re prepared to do research and really study form guides, you’ll give yourself a better chance to get more of these bets right, and therefore win more regularly. That’s what the pros do.

Let’s list some examples of exotic bets you can take on Australian horse races:

  • Quinella
  • Trifecta
  • Quadrella
  • Double
  • Treble
  • Exacta
  • Superfecta
  • First 4
  • And more…

If you’re new to exotic betting, then start out with the simplest bet to take, which is the quinella. To win a quinella you just have to correctly pick the first two horses past the post in any order. Generally, a successful quinella bet won’t pay a lot, but they are the easiest exotic bet to take and the easiest one to win with.

A step up from the quinella is the exacta bet. In this instance, you still have to correctly pick the first two horses, but this time you also have to select them in their finishing order to win. Exacta bets usually pay more than a standard quinella.

One of the most popular bets of the exotics is the trifecta, where punters must choose the first three horses past the post in the correct order. Once again, if you’re prepared to do your research and homework, you stand a decent chance of regularly choosing the winning horses and snaring some pretty healthy payouts. Even a small $1 or $2 trifecta wager could land you a handsome sum of cash.

While it’s not a simple task correctly picking the first three horses in the right order, winning trifectas is still easier than some of the other bets on the exotic list.

The quadrella bet (also known as the “quaddie”) and the first 4 bets often pay out decent sums if you get them right.

These two bets sound similar, but they are not the same. The quadrella bet means you have to pick the winner of the four allocated races, which is no easy feat. It’s like the treble, except you need to pick four race winners instead of three.

With the first 4 bets, it’s like the trifecta, except instead of picking 3 horses in the correct order, you have to pick 4 racehorses in the right finishing sequence.

As you gain experience and confidence, focusing on these last two exotic bets will give you the best chance of experiencing regular, sizeable wins.

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